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Pimp Your Sales Funnel - Using Lead Manager in WorkflowMax


Want to manage your  leads more effectively? Leads are the lifeblood of a business - we need leads to become customers so we can keep paying the bills and doing what we love.

The lead manager within WorkflowMax has become my trusty business tool that takes the stress and confusion out of keeping on top of who and what is in the sales funnel.

Here’s the process I follow:

  • EVERY lead goes in the lead manager. As many details as possible are entered on the client and nature of work. A referral source is always added to give marketing insights, and the lead is catergorized so I can see at a glance on what type of leads I have out there (I catergorise by nature of work and software type)

  • All correspondence gets cc’d in to the unique lead email address (find this inside of the lead screen). This includes follow up emails, sending of quotes, making of appointments etc. If contact is made with the lead outside of email (i.e. phone call or meet up) then a note is logged on the lead file. This way if the lead needs to be picked up by another staff member, or in a few weeks time, it’s very easy to tell exactly what activity has taken place.

  • All reminders for follow up or promises made are logged as a lead activity. If a quote or estimate has been promised, this is assigned as a lead activity on a certain date. If a follow up phone call is needed, this is assigned as a lead activity. Lead activity notifications will be delivered via email calendar integration on your "My Max" area and as notifications inside WorkflowMax. This means that risk of relying on your memory (which at times can not be trusted when things are busy) is alleviated. Perhaps a prospect doesn’t need your services for another 6 months - this is the ideal way to ensure follow-up is assigned without having to rely on your memory or an ungainly paper system.

  • Use templates. If you regularly receive leads that require a similar pattern of follow up, put together some lead templates with pre-set activities planned on them – a real time saver!

  • Keep the lead manager tidy by regularly following up on sales leads. I have heard it said that you should ‘push for the no’ – in other words don’t keep lukewarm, non-committal leads in your lead manager – if they’re not likely to come on board then don’t waste your time; de-clutter and move on to better prospects.

  • Add your quotes and estimates to prospects via the lead manager. There is great satisfaction and efficiency in simply being able to mark your lead as ‘won’ and flip your quote or estimate to be a job template. Assign your staff, add in your schedule and you’re away!

If you’re not using the lead manager at the moment, you should strongly consider it. I don’t know how I managed leads without it!

Heidi Seal is the Director of Bay Business Services — A leading Bookkeeping business based in the beautiful town of Tauranga, New Zealand. She loves running, volleyball, trying new recipes, and going to local cafes. She blogs about Small Business, Cloud Computing, and more at Bay Business Services. You can follow her on Twitter @heidi_seal.