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Tip Of The Week - How To Speed Up Your Bank Reconciliation

Speeding up your bank reconciliation is never a bad thing.

If you have integrated WorkflowMax with Xero then you are already experiencing a beautiful bank rec process. A really easy way to improve on it is to include the job number (or for our Australian clients the BPay reference) in the "Client Order Number" field on the job.



When you approve an invoice in WorkflowMax, the data from the "Client Order No" field on the job automatically pushes across to the "Reference" field on the invoice in Xero.



If your client includes this information on the Reference field of their online payment then Xero will automatically find a match on the correct invoice -- meaning two less clicks for you in your daily reconciliation -- awesome!

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Gavin George
A thought leader in the cloud computing industry, Gavin George is the Co-founder & General Manager of WorkflowMax - the cloud-based workflow management software used by thousands of marketing and advertising agencies worldwide. With over 7 years of experience in cloud computing solutions, Gavin intimately understands the challenges that companies face in transitioning and managing their business on the cloud.

Gavin George

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