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Tip of the Week - How to bulk add or remove staff or job managers to and from jobs?

To make adding and removing staff more efficient, WorkflowMax has these amazing wizard tools. From your Job Manager, under “Options” on the left hand side.

You will be given three options, add staff, assign manager or remove staff.

Please note: This option is only available for users with the “Edit Job privilege”. To “Add staff” to your jobs, just follow three simple steps:

1. Select the staff member

2. Select which jobs you wish to assign this staff member to, from the lists of jobs which the selected staff member is not already assigned to.

3. This step allows the user to assign the staff member to a specific task e.g. Accounting Services task, by selecting the specific task.

Please note: Do not select tasks unless you want to explicitly allocate this staff member to these tasks, and override the original Staff Allocation for those tasks. If you explicilty assign this taff member to these tasks, and you don’t have other staff members explicitly assigned to these same tasks on each job, then the end result is that only this staff member will be able to write time entries against these tasks on the jobs selected.

Upon saving the staff member will be allocated to the specific jobs along with any selected tasks (if any are selected). If Staff Time Allocation mode is on then the staff member will be assigned to the task with zero allocated minutes.

To “Assign manager” to jobs, you follow similar steps as adding staff.

1. Select the staff member to assign as manager.

2. Multi-select which jobs you wish to assign the staff member as the manager and click Save.

On saving, jobs selected will be be updated accordingly.

To “Remove staff” from jobs, follow the below steps.

1. Select the staff member to remove from jobs

2. Select from list of the jobs where that staff member (from step 1) is assigned to or set as the manager and click Save.

Once you click “Save” the following occurs:

  • A check is made that at least one job is selected

  • The staff member is removed as the manager and staff from all the selected jobs

  • If the staff member cannot be removed, then a list of the jobs which they could not be removed from will be displayed.

Please note: A staff member will not be able to be removed from a job when they are explicitly allocated time on a task where there are multiple staff assigned. (If they are the only staff member assigned to the task then that is fine, likewise if they are assigned zero minutes then that is also fine).

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