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New release: Reconnect your WorkflowMax-Zendesk Integration

In April this year, WorkflowMax (WFM) released a new version of the API to meet compliance rules being set out by tax offices around the world  The details for this improvement can be found here.  

As a result, we've upgraded the integration but the change does mean that you'll need to reconnect the Zendesk app to your WFM account.

Reconnect after 8 September 2020

The newer integration will still allow you to capture time against clients and jobs in WorkflowMax, but first you’ll need to update your WorkflowMax connection to Zendesk. Please check with your IT administrator to complete steps below.

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zendesk errors

If you want to connect to a Xero Practice Manager account, you'll need to download the specific app for Zendesk to XPM integration - Find out more here.

If you have any questions please raise a case in Xero Central with our support team.

Kind regards

The WorkflowMax team

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Millie Vingrys

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