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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Recording Daily Time Just Got Easier With WorkflowMax Quick Time Entry

Here at WorkflowMax, we have a dream...

Imagine a world where timesheets are a quick and simple task Imagine being able to record time now and then edit the details later? Imagine your timer automatically being able to tell how long you’ve spent on certain tasks, and logging accurate time for you?

Some of this is still on it’s way, but today we’ve taken the first important step to making simple, intuitive and intelligent timesheeting a reality. In order to build the incredible timesheet tool that we’re planning, we had to first completely recreate our daily timer, and we’re pleased to share that this new daily timer is now ready for you to use!

On September 23rd, we’re rolling out version 1 - a simple way to quickly record, add and edit your daily time. In coming months, we’ll be aiming to add new features to this timer for improved functionality, but we wanted get this release out to you now so you could start to take advantage of its features.

How does it work?

Simple - in WorkflowMax, you’ll see a clock icon at the top right-hand side. Open this and you’ll see a pop-up appear with a big blue button for you to ADD TIME. Use this to start entering time for the day.

You can enter time already worked, total duration, or select START to start the clock and record time now. You can add the client, job, and task details and click save. Simple as that.

New draft mode feature

But what if you don’t have all the details yet? Maybe you’re doing work for a new client and the job manager still needs to set them up. Or maybe you’re not certain which task you’re meant to be assigning time to.

No problem. You can now record time as a draft. The draft will only change to a saved entry once the task line is completed. Be mindful that drafts don’t carry over to the next day, so make sure you complete them by day end!

We’ve created a quick video to show you how to use the timer. Check it out below:


I’m keen? How do I use the new timer?

You don’t have to do anything. If you’re on the new user interface (UI), you should see the new timer appear on your WorkflowMax dashboard. Users of the old UI will still be able to use their old timer, but we reckon our new and improved version is better - so, if that’s been holding you back from trying out the new UI, please send an email through to support@workflowmax.com and we’ll switch you over to the new UI.

Have a few more questions? Find out more information about entering time and viewing timesheets here.

Every minute counts, so Workflowmax now makes it easier for you to count the minutes!

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Steff Green