With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Power up your scheduling with Float and PlanRight

Scheduling apps

If you need more scheduling power than you can get from WorkflowMax alone, our Float and PlanRight app partners can simplify scheduling to make life easier!

It’s pretty simple. Scheduling can be painful. Especially when you’ve got lots of projects on the go, with staff who have different skills, and deadlines that don’t behave as they should. There’s no need to tear your hair out though (or take it out on your scheduling spreadsheet if you’re still using one of those). WorkflowMax and our scheduling software partners have your back.

WorkflowMax has in-built scheduling that lets you assign start and end dates for your jobs, and for every task on those jobs. You can also create milestones and quickly adjust things as circumstances change. The staff capacity planning feature shows you how much work everyone has been allocated so you know where the gaps are or where you’ve got overloads. Clever reporting gives you the big picture and the fine detail of how your team is completing their tasks and where adjustments need to be made. 

However...you may be finding that WorkflowMax scheduling doesn’t have quite the power you need for the complexity of your projects, or the size of your team and how you all work.

That’s where our scheduling app partners come in. Float or PlanRight could be the game changer that makes scheduling problems go away. Saving you time and giving you the in-depth functionality you’re looking for. Of course they integrate beautifully with WorkflowMax so everything’s just easier. Both have a free trial and they’re each offering a special discount to WorkflowMax customers right now.

Plan your team's best work with Float, the #1 rated resource management software on G2

Drag-and-drop your WorkflowMax jobs onto your resource schedule in Float. Then visualize your team’s availability and workload to schedule resources.

Scheduling in Float is intuitive and fast, which is why thousands of top teams around the world use it, and it’s rated the #1 resource management software on G2. Connect WorkflowMax with Float and import the staff and jobs you want. New WorkflowMax tasks then appear instantly in Float as soon as they’re created. You just drag and drop these tasks from the sidebar directly onto your schedule to assign them to your team. Super simple. And with Float’s time tracking, the hours that are worked and logged in Float sync back as timesheet entries in WorkflowMax.

WFM-Float-2With Float, you get an accurate and live view of your resource capacity. You can manage and track your team’s availability with custom work days and hours, import local public holidays, schedule time off, and use custom tags to track skills, location, and more. You can even schedule a status to let your team know who’s in the office and who’s working remotely. Float also integrates with Google and Outlook calendar, with the option of a two or one-way sync.

Assigning and updating tasks in Float is so easy. The visual, drag-and-drop interface means you can reassign tasks in a click, and the right-click menu and keyboard shortcuts make editing a breeze. All changes occur in real time and are tracked in your team's activity feed. 

With Float, you’re in control. You’ll no longer have to worry about version control spreadsheets, or relying on one person to make updates for the whole team. Different access levels mean you decide who can make changes at a project and team level, while still keeping everyone else in the loop. Send your team assigned tasks or let them know when their work schedule updates via email, Slack, or mobile push notifications.

And Float’s reports let you see how things are going in real time. From people and projects to departments and clients, you can access all your data via team capacity and project summary reports. If you’ve added time tracking, you can also see your actual vs estimated hours in one view. Plus your team’s logged hours are automatically synced as WorkflowMax timesheet entries.

With Float, you can plan, schedule, and track your resources with confidence. It’s why teams love using this integration with WorkflowMax.

Add on PlanRight and become a capacity planning master

The PlanRight app has been built specifically to integrate with WorkflowMax. So you can trust that they play together well.

To get started you enter your jobs and tasks in WorkflowMax, then allocate time to your staff in PlanRight. Data moves between PlanRight and WorkflowMax with a single click. There's two-way data syncing with a range of options that let you customise what you sync. 


PlanRight’s bold, graphic interface gives you an instant view across all your projects. As well as seeing all work that's been scheduled, you can also track individual progress. You choose the time frame as well – allocate work to staff over a day, a week, a month or the year with tasks split into fixed or variable categories. 

And because plans do change – people get sick, timings get pushed out, clients need additional work – PlanRight can be updated and re-calibrated in no time. It’s easy to reallocate work between staff members by drag and drop so you’re sure the team is at 100% capacity, not more or less. 

You can have everyone up and running on PlanRight in no time and your team gets an instant snapshot of what they need to work on, wherever they are. Task management in PlanRight means that staff can manage their own workload and communicate with others.

Don't second guess how much work your business can take on! Get full visibility of your scheduling and future planning with PlanRight.

“Accurate planning and management of project workflow in our busy studio has become an easier task since we subscribed to PlanRight. PlanRight is simple to use, and gives everyone visibility and focus on daily priorities.” Janine Bickerton, General Manager, Marx Design.

Does your tech stack need a scheduling app?

If you think PlanRight or Float could fit the bill, have a closer look. Either is a great addition to your tech stack and can grow with your business. Both apps have a special offer for WorkflowMax customers right now:

👉👉PlanRight: Get 10 users for the price of 5 promo code DOUBLEUSERS *terms apply

👉👉Float: All users can enjoy a 30 day FREE trial

If you’d like some help to know which app would be best for your business and how to configure the integration with WorkflowMax, talk to one of our setup partners.


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