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The New Roadmap for WorkflowMax June 2019 update

Our previous areas of focus continue, with several long-term projects underway where we’re investing in the foundations to ensure our ability to scale the platform, and keep your data safe and secure.  This is important work to allow us to move at pace.

Whilst we’re working on longer term projects, we’re also committed to our Love stream of work, delivering customer facing value to enhance the user experience.  

Love stream of work

We’ve been working on a series of invoicing enhancements which you might have seen in our last post. Some items are completed already, and the rest are coming soon.

Invoicing enhancements include:

What we're working on right now 

We’re also close to releasing some improvements to Document management.  These will help you manage your attachments on the go, and support our customers already using the great features of Dropbox, who are wanting to switch to use team folders for enhanced collaboration.

  • Dropbox Team Folder support
  • Add attachments on Mobile

Design and research

Reporting updates we are currently validating for later this year:

  • Review the current reports and remove or update any duplicated or confusing reports
  • Review sample templates
  • Add job costs to WIP ledger details
  • Improvements to the report builder reports - currently in design

There’s a lot more planned that we’re in the process of validating, and we’ll be posting an update later this year of what’s coming up. Please leave your comments below and thanks for your continued support.  

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Joanna Bellis
Joanna Bellis is the Product Specialist for WorkflowMax. WorkflowMax’s first employee back in 2009, she has 20 years experience in the online software industry in London, Europe and NZ. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her trying to keep up with her two young children and two dogs, perfecting her downward dog and warrior poses, and making novelty kids crocheted hats.

Joanna Bellis

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