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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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The WorkflowMax Roadmap | WorkflowMax

The WorkflowMax roadmap is here! Thank you for all your feedback over the last little while – it’s helped us form a robust vision for the future. We’re super excited and know you will be too when you see what’s in store. We’ll be sharing more in future about what’s coming up, but here's a first look.

Phase 1: A focus on platform and security

It’s important to note the journey we’ve taken to get here today and why we’re in such an optimal position to start this phase of development.

12 months ago we moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a new web hosting platform, that would allow us to deliver a superior user experience, improved levels of security, availability, and performance.

One of our focus areas is continuing to protect your data online. If we can take anything from recent high profile cases of data theft from the likes of MyFitnessPal, Sony, Microsoft and Yahoo, and the multiple phishing and invoice scams, and account compromises, it is that when it comes to cyber security, businesses need to take practical steps to minimise the risks of being compromised. Typically the reasons businesses have been targeted are directly related to poor security, such as sharing logins or using common passwords.

At Xero, we take online security very seriously and we are continuously enhancing our world class security standards. Everything we’re doing behind the scenes means we can keep your data secure and sets us up for great platform connections in the future. In addition, with the new regulations for GDPR coming into effect, we know we’ll be in a great position in terms of data safety and compliance. (We’ll be posting more about GDPR soon so keep an eye out).

Phase 2: Xero login for WorkflowMax

The first thing we did in 2018 to help your business maintain secure practices was move to a new WorkflowMax login screen, powered by Xero on 22 January 2018. This was the first step in moving to a Xero log-in and optional 2 Step Authentication (2SA) for all WorkflowMax users, which will be rolled out in stages over coming months. This will enable you to take advantage of Xero’s security features, both behind the scenes and by enabling 2SA on your account, which we advise.

In addition, if you use a Xero product already, this means in the future you’ll be able to use the same log-in credentials and screen as other Xero products. If you also access Xero Business then it will have the added benefit of one less password to manage and enabling 2SA will provide an extra layer of security.

Phase 3 (Coming up soon)

  • Mobile app enhancements
  • Improvements to our APIs, API set-up and API Partners
  • On track to be GDPR compliant
  • Improved onboarding and help experience

There’s a lot more planned that we’re in the process of validating so we’ll be posting another, more detailed update soon. Leave your comments below, and thanks for your support.

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Joanna Bellis
Joanna Bellis is the Product Owner for WorkflowMax. She was the first person employed by WorkflowMax back in 2009 and has 20 years of international experience in the online software industry after roles in London, Europe and NZ. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her trying to keep up with her two young children and two dogs, perfecting her downward dog and warrior poses, and making novelty kids crocheted hats.

Joanna Bellis