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These ARE the Droids You Are Looking For: Funny Demotivational Posters for your Office

Last week, we posted a page of inspirational motivational posters for the office. Today, I’ve hunted the internet for a range of funny, snarky demotivational posters - you may not want these on the wall, but you’ll definitely get a giggle about some of these funny (and often true) ideas.

Black Books Motivational Posters

bernard black poster.png

This poster is from the fantastic collection of Bernard Black quotes as motivational posters. Thanks, Buzzfeed.

If you’ve never seen Black Books before, you need to remedy that forthwith.

Heavy Metal Motivationals

holy diver motivational.jpg

From If Heavy Metal Lyrics Were Motivational Posters, on the Metalsucks blog.

Personally, I find Heavy Metal pretty motivating and inspiring. The music is often about claiming back power and fighting for what you believe in. But sometimes the lyrics can be downright nonsensical.

The lyrics in this poster are from Holy Diver, by Dio. The original song is awesome.

Star Wars Demotivationals

star wars regrets.jpg

From the fantastic Bellen Art Wear etsy shop. The perfect poster for a geeky IT or tech office. Want more? Here are 20 more awesome Star Wars demotivational posters.

Star Trek Motivational Posters

star trek continuity.jpg

Is the Prime Directive written into your employment contract? Star Trek motivationals are great for the geeky, tech office. Want more? Check out these hilarious Star Trek Motivational posters.

Aspiration: Answering the Call to Do Nothing


From - an entire webside dedicated to demotivation (I know, what a cause to get behind!) comes this beautiful pictorial representation of aspiration.

More Motivational Snark

dream big poster.jpg

Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the best snarky motivational posters, including this gem.

Sherlock Holmes Quote Poster

sherlock poster.jpg

And lastly, my love affair with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle means that I have to add a Sherlock quote in here. Quote from one of my favorite stories, The Red-Headed League. Do you work with a bunch of lunatics? This could be a great office motto. From the Jane & Company Design studio.

While these posters are a bit of fun, it can be nice to use famous and inspiring quotes to decorate the office. What quotes inspire you?

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