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Tip of the Week: Custom Print Templates – Self-paced Online Course nowAvailable!

All WorkflowMax accounts use a standard branding theme, which provides predefined layout and content for your PDF invoices, quotes, purchase orders, job briefs, statements and tax letters.

If you want to change the branding theme of your printed and emailed documents, you can create your own custom branded print templates.

Our new Custom Branded Templates course explains how WorkflowMax custom print templates work, how to customise them to your own requirements and use them for printing your documents.

Course Overview

The four modules in this course will give you the knowledge you need to get started with setting up your own custom print templates in WorkflowMax.

Each module presents essential aspects of creating, modifying or using custom print templates and includes practical exercises that will give you an opportunity to try out the information you’ve learned.

To get the most from the course, it's best to work through all the modules in order. You can come back to any module later for a refresher if you need to.

  • First, you'll learn the basics about how custom print templates work and how they extract and display data from the WorkflowMax database tables.
  • Then you'll go on to find out how to store the templates in WorkflowMax so that they are ready to use for printing.
  • To help you learn the material more easily, the third module is split into two parts – an introduction to Microsoft Word merge fields and details of how to create and modify them. As understanding merge fields is a key part of working with custom templates, the course focuses on this area in some depth.
  • And we finish by pulling together the content from the previous modules to demonstrate the overall development process for custom templates. This includes several extended exercises that will allow you to practice setting up and using custom print templates.

Now you know what we’ll be covering in the course, you've already taken the first step towards customising your own print templates.

Take the next step now and register for the course now by going to the course overview page.

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