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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Tip of the Week: Should You Upgrade to WorkflowMax Premium?


Did you know that WorkflowMax offers customers a Premium subscription option? The Premium version of WorkflowMax includes powerful additional features that are not available in the standard version:

  • KPI dashboard
  • Client relationships and groups
  • Creation of non-WIP jobs
  • Import invoices from Xero
  • Update all related client addresses
  • Staff import.

You’ll find more detail about each of these options in the WorkflowMax help centre – just follow the link at the end of each item in the brief descriptions we've outlined below.

KPI Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard allows you to track the productivity of each staff member by comparing their actual billable hours against their expected billable hours. You can also define a 'capacity reducing' job for staff to write training time, sick leave and other unbillable time against.

Previously, you may have created an internal job and marked the time as non-billable – this is no longer necessary. Alternatively, you can mark existing non-billable jobs as capacity reducing. For further details of setting up and using the KPI Dashboard, see: Capacity and productivity reporting.

Client relationships and groups

In WorkflowMax Premium you can define relationships and groups for clients. In order to add a relationship, you must first make sure that there is a business structure defined for the client. This structure can be imported in a CSV file or you can set up the structure manually for each client. For further details, see Client groups.

Creation of non-WIP jobs

This feature can be used where you prepare recurring invoices in Xero and will never invoice out of WorkflowMax. For further details, see: Recurring monthly billing and non-WIP jobs.

Import invoices from Xero

WorkflowMax Premium allows recurring invoices, and invoices that have been entered manually into Xero, to flow down into WorkflowMax. These invoices can then be included in the KPI Dashboard and Revenue reports.

You might use this feature if you have set up recurring invoices in Xero and you want to use them to offset the costs of WIP accumulating in WorkflowMax. When you activate the feature, only invoices created or edited in the past 14 days will be imported, but all AUTHORISED and PAID invoices will be imported as they are created in Xero. The invoice data is imported overnight. If WorkflowMax cannot match the Xero contact to a client during the import process, then the client will be created automatically within WorkflowMax. For further details see: Importing invoices.

Update all related client addresses

When you update the address for one client in Workflowmax Premium, you are given the option to update the address for all related clients as well. For further details, see Update related client addresses.

Staff import

In WorkflowMax Premium it is possible to import staff using the Import options. For further details, see: Importing staff.

Interested in upgrading?

If you are interested in upgrading to the Premium version please contact the support team at support@workflowmax.com and we will be happy to turn on this module and answer any queries you may have.

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Steve Moss
Steve is a member of the education team at WorkflowMax. He has been a technical writer since 1988, and has extensive experience in the computer industry in software support, development and training. Steve is an Information Mapping certified instructor and is particularly interested in editing and the development of online learning material. In 2013, Steve completed an MA in technical communication through Sheffield Hallam University. He is based in Auckland.

Steve Moss