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Tip of the Week: Unlocking Your Timesheets to Amend Entries

D’oh! You’ve submitted your timesheets, but after you’ve clicked the button, you realise that you’ve entered something wrong, or assigned time to the wrong task. Your timesheets are locked against further edits, so what now?


As long as these incorrect timesheet entries haven’t already been raised in an invoice, you can make changes. Edits can be made by your admin manager or someone who has full staff privileges.

This video takes you through the steps to unlock your timesheet entry, how to edit it, and how to move your timesheet entry from an incorrect job to the right one.

Remember - if your timesheet entries have already been raised on a invoice, you won’t be able to amend or move them, and you’ll need to chat to your account or job manager about the best steps.

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