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  • Bullets are great
  • For spelling out benefits and
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Tip of the Week: Update to Global Search in New UI

Have you noticed your search has improved lately in the new UI? 

We recently released a new version of the Global Search engine in the new UI.




This has massively increased the performance of searches - which are now up to a 1000 times quicker than they were previously. In addition, we have also improved the results of searches. Previously, some characters and syntax were not supported but you'll find that it's now much easier to find clients by name. 


You may also notice a difference in the amount of information which is returned due to these improved search algorithms. In some cases, this can mean that you now see a list of clients where a particular search might previously have only shown one client's full details

Please let us know if you have any feedback about this new feature by sharing in the comments below.

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