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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Don’t Break the Creative Flow! Track Your Time in Even More Adobe Apps with the Updated Adobe Extension

Interrupting your work to track your time or fill in timesheets can really mess with your creative flow. When you’re ‘in the zone’ you’d prefer to stay there as long as possible without any interruptions or distractions messing with your mojo.

However, keeping track of your time as accurately as possible is essential to ensure you’re not missing any billable time, OR that your clients won’t have reason to question your invoice.

So, if you haven’t already heard about the Adobe WorkflowMax time tracking extension, then it could just be the time-tracking solution your creative team needs. And if you’re already using the extension, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now available with even more apps in the Adobe Creative Suite!

What is Adobe WorkflowMax Extension?

The Adobe WorkflowMax Extension is a time-tracking extension that plugs directly into the Adobe Creative Suite, allowing you to track your billable time on projects without having to leave your creative working space. You can then add that time into your jobs in WorkflowMax when you’re ready, instead of constantly switching between your timesheet and your creative working space.

The Adobe WorkflowMax time-tracking extension has been around a little while, but we’ve now added four new apps to the list of products that support the extension!

The Adobe time-tracking extension is now compatible with:

  • Adobe InDesign CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe InCopy CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe After Effects CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Prelude CC (2014) - CC (2015)

Now, you’ll stay focused throughout your creative thinking process, while still recording accurate data for billing and for making better business decisions!

How do you get started?

Follow these steps for installation and set-up:

1. Visit the Adobe Add-on store at https://creative.adobe.com/addons

2. Sign in with your Adobe ID

3. Search for WorkflowMax



4. Click on WorkflowMax Timesheet CC (Note: You might also see “WorkflowMax Timer” which is the old version. Please ignore that).


5. Download the WorkflowMax Timesheet CC by clicking on the Free button.



6. Click Accept and Continue


7. Make sure Files Syncing is turned on in the Creative Cloud app



8. The extension should now appear under the menu Window > Extensions > WorkflowMax in all the seven Adobe products it works with (see list below).


Login with your WorkflowMax login credentials and account key. If you don’t have an account key, email support@workflowmax.com.


Now you're ready to start tracking your time in your creative suite!

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Monica Shepherd
Monica is a marketing copywriter for WorkflowMax, creating content for the website, blogs and ebooks. Having run a copywriting business helping a wide range of businesses create stand-out marketing and website content, she has a thorough understanding of the challenges business owners face. By sharing this insight at WorkflowMax she can continue to follow her passion for helping small businesses punch above their weight.

Monica Shepherd