Cheap Ad Agency Software

Having read the E-myth by Michael Gerber, a blinding bolt of

lightning flashed through your mind and with a new found Zen-like understanding
you know the importance of systemizing your business process. With clarity of mind and purpose of spirit you
set off to find the holy grail of ad agency software.

This ‘thing’ is going to handle all of the basic operations

  • tracking your jobs
  • time sheet entry
  • invoicing your work
  • sharing and
    collaborating information within the team

It is also going to:

  • manage your
    prospecting and CRM
  • have a Digital Asset Management module
  • be loved by the
    Accounting and Payroll team
  • and who knows it may even
    order coffee and cook breakfast.

Hours spent surfing … No, hold that thought, surfing is
meant to be pleasurable… Hours spent scouring the internet has led you to the
perfect solution. It has all the bells and whistles, and what’s more, it even
comes with a free coffee maker. Reading the reviews you are left with the impression
that this piece of software is powerful enough to put a man on the moon, and
easy enough to use that your three year old daughter could be the one guiding
Mr. Armstrong to touchdown.

“I have to have it!” It is as simple as that. Calling the
sales rep it is time to confirm your investment, “How much is this thing?

“HOW MUCH?????” It is difficult to disguise the horror in
your voice. Pleadingly you offer, “Did I mention we are a small ad agency?

Your aren’t the size of Publicis, and its likely you never
will be, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have very similar needs. You
still need to track and manage your jobs, you still need to bill all of your
chargeable time, you still need to know if you made any money on that quote
job, and which of your employees is the most productive.

Yes, you are in the creative business. But first and
foremost you are in business. Just like every business you need to be able to
measure your work, you need to have visibility over how well you are tracking,
and how much money you are making on your jobs.

This is where software plays a very important role. With new
web 2.0 technologies you don’t need to invest thousands and thousands of
dollars. The brave new world of online technology comes in very affordable packages
that do not require any capital investment.

The very nature of web applications allows for seamless
integration between different software. A
completely integrated business software solution is easily available by
cobbling together the applications that meet your needs. Meaning you could have
your Job Management, Accounting and Digital Asset Management solutions
integrated seamlessly with each other, giving you the complete system you need to
run your business.

In the traditional world such a solution would have cost you
tens of thousands of dollars. In the web 2.0 world this is achievable for under
$200 p/month.


Chirag Ahuja
Chirag is the Marketing Manager at WorkflowMax. Every day he strives to educate more and more business owners on how to do business better. From their first visit to the website or the first email they receive to the first video they watch – he is passionate about delivering a seamless, beautiful and personalized experience that people love and that converts strangers to leads to customers and finally into fans! Chirag loves listening to techno music, reading vedic scriptures, leading teams, building relationships, and discussing the big questions in life.

Chirag Ahuja

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