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Completing the Interface Circle

Everyone that uses WorkflowMax is aware of how powerful our interfaces are - it's what gives us our point of difference, our little niche in the market.

Well our interfaces just got even better.

We have been exporting sales invoices across to Accounting solutions since day dot. Our interfaces with online accounting vendors are the best in the market. We push across the full detail of the invoice created in WorkflowMax, based on your raw data. But we don't stop there. Each line item on the invoice can also have a unique GL code tied with it, so that you can disseminate what items on the sales invoice need to be coded to which account.

With our latest release we have completed the circle. You can now push your payment invoices from the job across into your accounting system, eliminating double handling. The supplier invoice interface is just as powerful as the sales interface. Again all of the line items come across uniquely as part of the invoice, pre-coded with the appropriate GL code. So you don't need to do anything on the accounting side.

The core of WorkflowMax is around the job. It provides visibility around what is going on with each task, how are we tracking with our estimates, what deadlines are impending, who is allocated to what. For our users WorkflowMax is their Business Intelligence tool, they know exactly what they've got available to invoice at any time. And more importantly it provides them with a job costing tool - how much profit did I make on this job.

In order for any job costing tool to be accurate it relies on quality data being fed into it. Measuring your labour cost is easy, its just your timesheet entries multiplied by the cost of employing that staff member. You also need to capture any sales invoices attributed to the job. This functionality has always been available within WorkflowMax but with the new interface, any sales invoices you receipt against a job will seamlessly transfer through to your accounting system. Which means you only ever input data once - at the WorkflowMax front end.

Timesheets are input into WorkflowMax by the person entering the time.

Costs are input against the job and supplier invoices are receipted against those costs.

Any Sales invoices you create automatically transfer to your accounting system. All Supplier Invoices you receipt will also now automatically transfer across to your accounting system as a payment.

WorkflowMax in combination with your accounting solution provides a unique business operational tool. You only ever enter data once at the front end, against the job. Then watch it transfer seamlessly through your systems - the whole time providing you with the transparency you need to Maximise your business potential.