Flexible and Functional

When we began building WorkflowMax we had several target industries in mind. The industries we initially focused on although diverse to the outsider, proved to be intrinsically linked in their business process. If we tried to convince a Mechanical Engineer that his job management and invoicing almost identical to a Graphic Designer he probably would have chased out of his workshop with a gas axe.

Time and time again WorkflowMax is proving itself to be highly functional and incredibly flexible across different industries. This was starkly highlighted to me today when dealing with one of our newest customers who operates a quarry. Each vehicle is charged out at an hourly rate, mixed grades of metals are additional costs on the job and are charged out on a per meter basis. Perfect fit.

The very next customer contact following the quarry was with a small team of physicians who require scheduling of appointments and very finite time billing down to the minute.  Another good fit.

Quarry's, physicians, what's next?

Even though I shouldn't be, I am constantly surprised by how many types of business WorkflowMax is a very tight fit for.

Chirag Ahuja
Chirag is the Marketing Manager at WorkflowMax. Every day he strives to educate more and more business owners on how to do business better. From their first visit to the website or the first email they receive to the first video they watch – he is passionate about delivering a seamless, beautiful and personalized experience that people love and that converts strangers to leads to customers and finally into fans! Chirag loves listening to techno music, reading vedic scriptures, leading teams, building relationships, and discussing the big questions in life.

Chirag Ahuja

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