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Unlocking The Power of Agency Partnerships

Partnerships are an invaluable asset to your agency. These are the companies that help drive referrals, strengthen your core service offerings and help you deliver the highest quality of work to your clients.

Last year, 29% of those in the creative industry said one of their biggest goals is building strategic alliances with other creative companies. If you’re among this group, continue reading to uncover tips on how you can accomplish this goal.

Partnerships: Knowing What to Look For

According to John Jantsch (@ducttape), every business must develop three types of partnerships in order to succeed: Strategic Partners, Content Partners and Marketing Partners. Below, I’ve compiled a sneak preview of each partner category (Tip: For a deeper dive into how you can build your own partner platform, register for our upcoming FREE webinar with John).

 1. Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are those that compliment your service offerings and extend your capabilities beyond what your team can provide.

For instance, consider this scenario: You’re a public relations firm but your clients often turn to you for help with design projects. While you may have a basic understanding of the tools needed to execute the design requests, it is not a core competency. In this instance, you should turn to a partner that specializes in this service and has availability to help with the requested project. This way the client doesn’t start looking around for other firms, and you can retain a little more control over the project.

 2. Content Partners


Whether you’re the content producer, content distributor (or both), content partnerships can help your agency build awareness and attract qualified leads. 

According to John, you should share the content you create with relevant companies in your network. When applicable, offer opportunities for other companies to:

  • Contribute to your agency’s blog
  • Co-brand a premium content piece (i.e. an ebook, white paper, etc.)
  • Share your content (or presentation) with their network

This will eventually result in an increase in brand awareness, content production, and—ultimately—referrals. Sweeten your request by inviting them to send you their content to share with your audiences.

 3. Marketing Partners


This is one of my favorite partnerships that John recommends. In this partnership, John urges companies to find like-minded (but non-competing) businesses in their industry to cross-promote each other’s service offerings. He explains that this promotion could simply be an online mention, or it can extend to including promotional materials in your deliverables to clients.

For tips on how to build the best partnership platform for your agency, join John and me during our upcoming FREE webinar (click here for details). If you’re able to attend the live recording, John will be available to answer your burning questions in real-time.

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Which types of partnerships have been most beneficial to your company? Share your insight in our comments section below.

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