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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Illumin8 uses WorkflowMax to understand their business

User Stories is a regular column on the WorkflowMax blog where we talk to businesses who are using WorkflowMax to manage their projects and improve workflows. We get a company to walk us through their workflow process and explain how they use different features. Every company is different, and every firm has different methods and processes for managing their projects. By taking a look at what others do, we hope to inspire you and help you gain an understanding of how WorkflowMax could work for your own business!

This week, we’re talking to Andrew Van De Beek from illumin8 partners, an Australian based cloud accounting business and Xero Gold Partner. We spoke to Andrew about how they use WorkflowMax in their business.

Welcome Andrew!

Tell us about your company. Who are you, and what do you do?

We are a cloud based accounting business. We do the standard tax compliance, but we spend a lot of time consulting on business efficiency and how the cloud can be used well for our clients.

Remote Working – Head in the Cloud by illumin8 partners (featuring WorkflowMax!)

What kind of clients do you work with?

Loads of small businesses. Everything from graphic designers, to barber shops, to go kart tracks!

What challenges were you facing when it came to your workflow?

We needed a simple and easy way to understand what was going on in our business at any point in time. We wanted the ability and to report outside the "standard" reports available on what our team had been doing.

What was the most important factor to you when choosing project management software?

We were looking for a solution that was 100% on the cloud, intuitive, easy to use and customise and that integrated really well with the rest of our systems!

Apart from WorkflowMax, do you use any other software tools to manage your business?

We sure do. We use: Xero, Zoom, Hipchat, Box, Docusign, Receipt Bank and many more industry specific ones.

Walk us through the life of a project at your company, from beginning to end. What are the steps in the process and how do you use WorkflowMax or other software at each step?

We use WorkflowMax for a lot of recurring work, so we set up a recurring job and every quarter they are set up automatically for us. We then connect with Xero for the financial data required, import work through, save the document into Box, get it reviewed and send it away for a digital signature.

What kind of reports are you creating with WorkflowMax?

We run lots of monthly reports, such as WIP, productivity, write-off/on.

What do you love most about WorkflowMax?

It’s cloud based and well integrated. I feel that what we do in WorkflowMax is done right, easily and without hassle, and we don't have to go back to fix anything later! Working this way is super efficient for us, and saves us plenty of time in the long run.

Thanks Andrew for talking to us about how you use WorkflowMax!

If you’re running a company using WorkflowMax and want to talk workflow with us, then drop us an email – we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to mallika.goel@xero.com and we’ll be in touch!

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Mallika Goel
Mallika Goel is the communications manager at WorkflowMax, fresh from the agency world. She brings with her four years of experience working with some of New Zealand’s largest brands as well as more boutique ones. She thinks life’s too short to do one thing, so she keeps herself busy pursuing her many interests: an obsessive love of writing/blogging, fitness, travelling and design.

Mallika Goel