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Web Distractions: What's Interesting on the Web in March

Got some important work that needs doing? Got a deadline looming? It’s the perfect time to read parody Twitter feeds and stare adoringly at pictures of cats. That’s right, it’s time for this month’s Web Distractions - where we bring you some of our favourite links, images, and videos for the month.

Without further ado, on to the links!

Author/comedian Dana Schwarz has started a parody Twitter account where she's writing "the ultimate dystopian young-adult novel" one tweet at a time, basically using all the tropes and cliches from Divergent and Hunger Games to create something hilariously serious.

If you enjoy that, you might also like her other Twitter account - Guy in Your MFA. Ah, Arts Students, how we love to hate them.

I promised cat pictures, and I don’t disappoint! Check out these 15 adorable adult cats, and their insanely cute Mini-Me counterparts. Watch these cats try to recreate their kittenhood. And, if you need a giggle (and giggle you shall), check out 15 Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviours Really Mean.

NASA has confirmed there is a salt-water ocean on Ganymede, Jupiter’s moon - buried beneath 150 kilometers of ice. I wonder if Cthulhu lives there.

Despite having gone out of business in 1991, air-travel enthusiasts (yes, there are such people!) booked-up tickets on a secret Pan-Am flight to nowhere.

Welcome to the sustainable city. This Weburbanist article looks at 10 Smart Urban Farm Designs. I think the design combining a farm/garden with an elderly care facility is quite ingenious.


15 Mysterious Forests You’d Love to Get Lost In. I don’t know if anyone loves to get lost, but if I did …

Are you young and clever and poised to take over the world? Not so fast there. Check out what these 12 highly successful people wish they’d known at age 22.

From Earth Porn (the best blog name in the whole history of blogs), comes some surreal interior design ideas that will take your house to another level. I may just incorporate the stair storage idea into my own new home.

Forgotten heritage: exploring Europe’s largest deserted places. Some stunning photography here.

Weirdo Toys: The Home for Odd, Ugly, and Neglected Toys.

Hermoine Granger and the Goddamned Patriarchy. This week’s video reimagines Harry Potter if Hermoine was the main character. Some NSFW language, but it’s hilarious. #bosswitch forever!

Want another video? Here are Harry Potter characters texting each other.

What are you reading / watching on the internet this week?