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The Unconventional Guide to Work

Life’s too short to be bored at work. We can help.

Welcome to the Unconventional Guide to Work

Notice anything different about the WorkflowMax blog?

We’re changing things up around here, slapping some new paint on the walls, getting a makeover, and trying something different. Until the end of the year, instead of seeing our usual business-focused articles, product tips, and informative content, you’ll get a week of cartoons, playlists, and other distractions to help get you through the workday.

As part of this content experiment, we’ve also changed of few elements on the blog. We’ve streamlined the sidebar, added a daily featured post, and made individual articles a bit easier to read. You can see what the changes look like by clicking on the main WorkflowMax blog.

You have questions - allow me to answer them:

So what can you expect from the Unconventional Guide to Work?

Have a look at our new blog categories for an idea:


Basically, it’s all a bit of fun! We want to focus on the fun side of working for a little bit.

Why are you changing the blog so drastically?

Because life’s too short for boring blogs.

We grew weary of creating the same type of content as everyone else, and we weren’t feeling as though we were offering you guys – our readers – as unique or interesting an experience as perhaps we could. So, we decided to completely rethink what we were doing with the blog, and the result is the Unconventional Guide to Work, which we hope you’re gonna love.

Also, we like to stir the pot and try new things. So much about being in business is about taking the plunge on crazy ideas and seeing if they work.

Who is the new blog for?

If you have a job, or if you manage a team or own your own business, then we’ve got content for you.

While much of our old content was directly aimed at specific industries, we’ve tried to keep the Unconventional Guide to Work pretty general.

I love the new content. How do I subscribe?

It’s easy. You just click here to subscribe and fill in the form. Then you’ll get Unconventional Guide to Work content delivered weekly to your inbox.

I want the old blog back! Where do I find it?

No worries. You can find all the old blog content in the footer at the bottom of the page. We’ve got more than 500 articles there, so there’s plenty to keep you interested while we diverge from convention.

What do I need to do?

NOTHING. Just sit back and enjoy this different content.

We’d love if you could let us know what you think by sharing some of your favourites on social media, shouting out in the comments, and telling us what you think in our short reader survey.

I hope that explains everything. Now, prepare yourself for the most random and strangely exciting company blog you’ve ever encountered!