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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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6 Tips on How To Get the Most out of Xerocon

Heidi Seal Heidi Seal, Bay Business Services

As a first timer at Xerocon, attending by myself, I was both excited and nervous about Xerocon NZ 2014. Here are a few of my top tips on how you can get the most bang for your buck out of Xerocon:

1. Convert Your Online Connections to Meaningful Business Relationships

Make contact with the LinkedIn connections you know from the ‘online’ world and let them know you’re keen to connect with them in person at Xerocon. Make sure your profile picture is up-to-date so that they will recognise you in real life. Then, at Xerocon don’t be afraid of walking across the room, shaking their hand and making the face-to-face introduction.

2. Get Xero Account Managers to Introduce You

Talk to your account manager to see if there is anyone they recommend you meeting up with at Xerocon. They have a great knowledge of the bookkeepers and accountants in your region and will know who might make a great partnership for your business. Ask your Xero account manager to make the introduction.

3. Be Ready to Pitch

Know your elevator pitch by heart and have a good stash of business cards (and potentially other sales literature on hand). There is a great opportunity for collaboration with other Xerocon attendees -- you need to be able to articulate the core services you deliver and leave people with a clear idea of how you can help them and their clients.

4. Take Notes, Learn & Up-Skill


Be ready to take notes. Xerocon is a premium opportunity not only to learn where Xero is heading, but also to be equipped to market your business, add value to your client relationships, gain greater knowledge of the eco-system and be inspired to excel in your niche. I found it really helpful to take as many notes as possible, but also to jot down on a separate page a list of ‘action points’ that I could get stuck into implementing as soon as I got home. There are lots of great tools out there that you can use for this --

  • Livescribe -- If you still take notes using pen and paper, Livescribe's latest Smartpen can help bring you into the digital age.
  • Evernote -- lets your take notes, sync files across your devices, save webpages, capture inspiration, and share your ideas.
  • TranscribeMe -- Record and Transcribe conference speeches using their Mobile App.

5. Get an update on the Xero Add-On Eco-System


Their are now 50+ add-on partners part of the Xero ecosystem. Allow time to spend in the exhibitor area and startup alley. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, chat with and discuss a scenario with the Xero Add-On partners. You’ll get a better understanding of how they can help you help your clients. If you’re already partnered with a Xero Add-On, pop by the stand and introduce yourself. Nothing beats face-to-face contact.

6. Party Hard!

Xerocon Gala Awards

Find a great party dress (or suit). Seriously, don’t miss out on the gala dinner. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised! Beautiful decorations, exquisite food, great company, awesome awards, a rocking band and plenty of dancing. It was a fantastic time of recognising and celebrating achievements with the Xero community. It was great to see everyone let their hair down and have a downright good time with both old and new acquaintances. I discovered that accountants, bookkeepers and software companies really know how to party…and I have photo-booth evidence to prove it!

Have you been to Xerocon before? Or are you are a first time attendee? Do you have a tip or two to share with other attendees? Tell us in the comments below!

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Heidi Seal
Heidi Seal is the resident WorkflowMax Guru at Living Business – a leading bookkeeping and software implementation business based in the beautiful city of Tauranga, New Zealand. With over 50 WorkflowMax implementations and over 100 Xero implementations under her belt, Heidi has a great understanding of the specific requirements and bigger picture interaction when implementing a suite of business software. When she’s not working she loves spending time with her family and enjoying the active lifestyle offered by the Bay of Plenty.

Heidi Seal