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A Complete Round-Up of Xerocon 2013 -- NZ, AUS, USA and UK

Well, Xerocon London has come and gone last week, and what an event it was! More than 500 attendees crowded into The Brewery in London for 2 days of full-on learning and interaction about accountancy and the future direction of the company.

Xerocon London was the forth in this year's Xerocon Elevate event series. The first Xerocon in 2013 was held in New Zealand on February 21-22, and Sydney was August 28-30. With Xerocon USA in San Francisco on September 4-5, and the London conference still fresh in everyone's minds, we thought it would be a great time to give a roundup of some of the best articles and ideas that have come out of Xerocon Elevate 2013. The event is definitely the talk of the world accounting scene. Check out these updates:

Xero Live Blogs

Xero have done a great job blogging about all the highlights of the conferences. Check out their live-blogs for each of the events in 2013:

  • Catherine Walker live-blogs the London Xerocon conference. Catherine peppers her articles with photos and recaps from all the major sessions, as well as thoughts and observations from attendees and panellists.
  • Catherine also covers the USA event with plenty of interesting insights.
  • Richard Wood offers up a comprehensive live-blog of the Sydney Xerocon – read part 1 and part 2. His snappy, fun style makes these posts an easy read.
  • Richard also tackles a round up of the New Zealand Xerocon, packed with fascinating insights into the unique nature of the NZ accounting industry.

Xerocon NZ

viaduct NZ

Arriving at the venue.

Jackie Brown NZ

Local celebrity Jackie Brown was MC for the day.

Xerocon NZ

A packed house.

Xerocon NZ celebrated it's forth year in 2013, with more than 800 delegates from around the country – a long way from it's humble beginnings in 2010. The event was absolutely buzzing, and many attendees carried their excitement onto their blogs:

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.36.21 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.34.35 AM

Xerocon Australia

xerocon australia

the amazing venue: The Sydney Technology Park.

Sara Goepal AUS

Product manager Sara Goepel talks about an exciting new feature at profile.xero.com, that will allow partners to promote their services online.

xerocon lunch AUS

Delegates enjoying lunch and netwoking.

Xerocon Australia was the second event to be added to Xero's yearly schedule. Held at the amazing Sydney Technology Park, it hosted 900 attendees and a huge trade show. Now Australia's biggest accounting conference, Xerocon Sydney was a resounding success! Check out what the attendees had to say:



"Over the years I’ve attended many financial conferences. Typically, they revolve around a bunch of competing exhibitors hawking similar wares to a sceptical and tired audience. Xerocon was completely different. They’ve done a remarkable job creating an entire business community."

What's the one thing you take away from Xerocon? from Xero on Vimeo.

Xerocon USA

rod drury US Xerocon

Rod Drury in his US Xerocon keynote.

xero add ons US

The expanding list of add-on partners.

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.38.29 AM

Xerocon USA was the first event of it's kind in the USA. Held in a beautiful venue in San Francisco, it attracted more than 400 delegates and partners. Here's what some of them had to say:

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.36.48 AM

Xerocon UK

richard workpapers

Richard Francis of Add-on partner workpapers speaking at Xerocon UK.

xero registration

Xerocon registration.

The London conference only finished last week, and closed off the Xerocon year with a bang! The talk of the conference was UK MD Gary Turners day 1 announcement that Xero had just opened a new London office. Xero now has 1200 partners in the UK – more than any of its competitors – and it's clearly poised for growth. Check out what some of the delegates had to say:

  • In his blog post, Xerocon London – a Great Success and a Glimpse of the Future, D A Howlett shares his experiences from the conference, pointing out some of the things he found interesting and in particular highlighting the fact that all panellists and attendees he talked to mentioned the importance of utilizing all social media channels.

"As with all conferences, there is an element of vendor selling but I was surprised to see either live customers or video interviews peppering the whole day. That is something I’ve never seen before. It speaks volumes to the confidence Xero has in its progress that it can get customers on stage willing to speak candidly about their experiences. It also speaks to the hunger among attendees that the room was still around 80-85% full by the end of the day."

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.28.01 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.27.12 AM

And don't forget, if you're thinking of heading to a Xerocon conference in 2014, we've published some great content to help you prepare for success. See our comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Attending Xerocon, as well as fabulous guest posts from Steph Hinds at Growthwise (7 Practical Tips for Kicking Arse at Xerocon) and Heidi Seal from Bay Business Services (6 Tips to Get the Most out of Xerocon).

More updates (and tons of incriminating pics) are coning on the #xerocon twitter steam. You can follow along here, or check out images from the event in the Xerocon Flickr album. If you've got an update or report on Xerocon to share, don't forget to tag it with #xerocon so the rest of us can check it out!

And if you want to keep up with all our weekly blog posts, add your email to the form on the top right of the sidebar to subscribe to the blog via email.

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