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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Zendesk & WorkflowMax integration has been upgraded

Error message

Improved integration now with added security

The integration between WorkflowMax and Zendesk provides the means for your helpdesk team to input time directly from their support tickets into your job manager. With one single interface, small businesses will know exactly what’s going on in the business and with your time-tracking data flowing into WorkflowMax, you’ll be able to invoice time with a single click, eliminating double-entry.

Why do we need to make this release?

Zendesk is deprecating their older API by 14th Oct 2019 and so we too have upgraded our integration with Zendesk. We'e taken this opportunity to enhance our API security which means you'll need to re-enter your WorkflowMax API key in Zendesk now to maintain the connection.

So what's the impact?

Given the older WFM API keys won’t work anymore, this upgrade is a breaking change for all existing users.  When you login to the ZD next time, you'll see an error message like below.

Error messageWhat do you need to do?

This is a breaking change in the way the integration works, so to fix this you will need to re-enter your WFM API key. 

Here's an instructional video of how to do this

To generate your WorkflowMax API key in WorkflowMax;

  1. Log in to your WorkflowMax account
  2. Go to Business -> Settings -> Add-ons 
  3. Scroll down to find Zendesk V2 
  4. Click ‘Generate key’ & copy the key

To update your WorkflowMax API key in Zendesk;

  1. Go to Admin -> Apps -> Manage 
  2. Click on the WFM app 
  3. Change Settings -> WorkflowMax API key 
  4. Paste your new WorkflowMax API key

Who in your business can fix this breaking change?

  • To get WFM API keys from WorkflowMax application: you'll need to be the WorkflowMax Admin on the account
  • To add WorkflowMax API key on Zendesk Application: you'll need to be a ZD Admin

How to get help if you’re not sure

You can reach out to our support team and log a case in Xero Central.


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Ramanan Moorthy
Ramanan is a product owner at Xero who lives and breathes all things WorkflowMax. He is responsible for taking our customer feedback to the team, building a roadmap of solid customer facing enhancements and coordinating the execution of our releases.

Ramanan Moorthy