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Despite being a relatively young practice, Sydney-based architectural firm, Georgina Wilson Architects, is already becoming recognised as an industry leader. The company is receiving kudos in Australian architecture circles, not only for their award-winning designs, but also for challenging the industry’s staid approach to practice management.

“I’ve always been interested in making sure that, as architects, we communicate our services very clearly. Historically, there’s been very little transparency between deliverables and actual cost”, explains director and lead architect, Georgina Wilson. “We’ve taken an approach right from the very beginning that we want to be honest about these things”.

GWA is a firm committed to championing a culture of clear communication and cost transparency - and WorkflowMax is helping them do it.

Three things Georgina Wilson loves about WorkflowMax:



Being able to work from anywhere has been a huge benefit, and our employees can even enter timesheets on their phones.

Xero integration

A seamless flow of data between WorkflowMax and Xero for payroll and invoicing saves time and admin hassles.



Easy quoting allows us to provide clear upfront financials. Once the client accepts it, it becomes a job and we can easily track our hours against it.

Simple & intuitive usability

Seamless Integration

Easy quoting makes for total cost transparency

Business insights to drive strategic decisions

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