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Eleven months ago, T3 Group CFO, David Maher (retained through his company, Right Brain Insights) barely had enough data to understand total sales to a client. “It was, in a word, chaotic”, he says emphatically. “In order to understand cost and truly drive profit we needed to be able to break down jobs and their cost, as well as give the guys on site and the guys in the office something that could allow them to be far more effective.”

David sought advice from set-up partner, Ocius Digital. When director, Dan Fairbairn, arrived at T3 Group’s offices, he knew he had a big job ahead of him. “What we saw was whiteboards everywhere, paper everywhere, and everything kind of thrown on a wall somewhere to track what was happening”, laughs Dan. It was obvious that what T3 Group needed was a job management system that would tie it all together - and WorkflowMax was the answer.

Since then, T3 Group has experienced a rapid rise in revenue - growth that David says could not have been possible without the support of WorkflowMax.

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