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Living sustainably isn't a fad for Mitch Cooke and the Greengage team; it's a way of life. Greengage provides consultancy advice to architects, project managers and property developers about creating a more sustainable built environment. With Greengage's expertise, homes, hospitals, schools, offices and churches are being transformed – using less energy, less water, and becoming more symbiotic with the surrounding environment.

However, Greengage's relationship with their internal systems was far from symbiotic. Mitch employed the same system he'd used in a previous company – a cumbersome method for timesheets and job tracking based on spreadsheets that would often involve entering duplicate information. "It was not a system we could use to generate meaningful information about how much cost had gone into a job, or how much time or budget we had left and how we were tracking against a fixed fee."

billable hours saved per year
2 weeks
saved in the invoicing process

Simple, Intuitive, and Deadly Effective

It was quite easy to get started. There's no paperwork. Everything is electronic – all the timesheets, etc – which makes it easy to send out invoices as everything is in one system.
Ruth Cole
Ruth Cole
Office Manager, Greengage

Mitch asked other small businesses for software recommendations, and one owner raved about WorkflowMax. So Mitch signed up for a free trial, and was hooked.

"I think it's very intuitive," says Mitch. "It doesn’t require a huge introduction to pick it up and work with it. We’ve had quite a few new people start this year and everybody has started using WorkflowMax and have said it's great." Mitch's team found switching to WorkflowMax from their previous systems a breeze, even though they're activating new functionalities.

"I've been using the software for four months now," said Ruth, admin for Greengage. "It was quite easy to get started. There's no paperwork. Everything is electronic – all the timesheets, etc – which makes it easy to send out invoices as everything is in one system."

Sending invoices is a breeze

Under their previous system, Greengage's office manager would print and mail out every client invoice – a time-consuming job when you consider the company sends 40-50 invoices a month. "As an environmental consultancy, we have to be practicing what we preach." says Ruth, explaining that they were looking for a system that would eliminate wasteful paperwork.

Now they send invoices electronically via WorkflowMax, and the system is much more streamlined. Everything is electronic, so it is available for access whenever and wherever it's needed. "We can easily search on WorkflowMax for something," says Mitch. "No more going through files and files of information to find what we need. Data is a lot more elastic and accessible."

The Job Costing report is really important, too. Costs come to us from the suppliers, which we then reclaim from the client. So we need to make sure we’re capturing cost accurately.
Mitch Cooke
Mitch Cooke

Why Greengage Needed WorkflowMax



With consultants out in the field or on the road, Greengage needed a workflow system that could be accessed anywhere, from any device.


Mailing out printed invoices and keeping paper records went against the companies eco-principles – the cloud provides a true
paperless office.

Simple to Use

Who wants software so complex it takes decades to master? Greengage needed to hit the ground running with an intuitive, simple system.

What would you say to other consultants considering WorkflowMax?

In summer, I work from home quite often – so it's great to have that flexibility. I really enjoy the fact that I can use it remotely without being in the office.
James Bumphrey
James Bumphrey
Ecological Consultant, Greengage

Business is tough out there right now. There's a global recession on, and clients are delaying payments and cutting corners, so there is no longer any room for inefficient practices in the bottom line. "We have made Greengage as efficient as possible by initiating WorkflowMax." says Mitch, who explains that the company is doing better than many others in his industry.

"There is less admin involved now in the business," says Mitch. "The software is quick, and there is less admin in receiving information, updating systems." The company is leaner, lighter, and faster than ever. And with WorkflowMax making their business more sustainable, Greengage can focus their attention on making the world more sustainable.

Say goodbye to tracking time in Excel & creating estimates in Word. Join over businesses and say hello to WorkflowMax.