Impressing clients with clever reports


Just like a candy box bursting with colour and flavour, Candyspace is a chocolate box of creative delights. Founded in the early days of mobile content, the company has since morphed into a creative studio offering custom content, advertising and applications across multiple platforms and devices. From tablet applications to kiosks and shopping malls displays, Candyspace are supplying our digital sweet tooth. 

"Other creative agencies come up with great ideas, but they are not necessarily able to produce them," says founder Tom Thorne. "Our agency is a hybrid of software development and creativity. We deliver creative, technically-feasible ideas." Thorne's company now employs 43 staff – a real hybrid of people interested in making great stuff. 

But things haven't always been sugary sweet. As a busy agency trying to keep pace in a technologically driven industry, Candyspace needed a job management system that could change and evolve with them. That's why they turned to WorkflowMax.




Scalability comes with Streamlined Processes

Tom explains that the main reason behind looking for an alternative to their old, spreadsheet-based job management system was scalability. "As the business started to grow we needed to introduce systems/processes. The complexity of what we were doing changed significantly with the launch of the iPhone in 2007. We started to feel the need for a central repository for everything to do with the production process." 

It grew as we grew. A cloud-system really worked for us.
Tom Thorne
Tom Thorne

Now, the company has several people using the software in different countries and time zones. "It grew as we grew," explains Tom. "Everybody has access to the same data all the time. Everything we do is web-based, so a cloud-system really worked for us."

Impressing Clients with Clever Reports

Instead of having to deal with a lot of fragmented information, you've got it all there in one place.
El Reeve
El Reeve

Tom loves all the features of WorkflowMax, but he's most excited about the results he gets from reports. Tom's company produce job profitability reports to track their estimates for jobs, but they also send them out to clients. 

"We use reports when we do annual reviews with clients, to show how many house we've worked over a year. For one of our clients last year, it was 700 jobs – hundreds and hundreds of hours. By showing them these reports, they see us as more a part of their internal team, rather than an external agency. It builds that long-term connection."

Three things people love about WorkflowMax...


Collaboration manager

The ability to connect each email with a particular job is a game changer. It shows us exactly which emails we've sent and received from clients, councils, builders & designers, saving 8-16 hours per week on admin.

All-in-one integrated solution

It looks professional, is easy to use and our staff enjoy using it. Having everything - leads, quotes, jobs, time tracking, invoices - in one place means we just need to use one system for everything.

Business intelligence & the cloud

Since it's all cloud-based software, there is nothing to install, no servers to implement - all I need is a laptop/phone/ipad and an internet connection to know whats going on in the business - anytime, anywhere.

Custom Fields Add Power to Lead Manager

Tom also likes the fact that the lead manager is quite simple. "We don't have a whole team of salespeople or thousands of leads. A lot of our business is from existing customers or ongoing projects, so the lead manager suits us quite well."

"We've added a bunch of custom fields to our lead manager, so we capture some customised information along with the usual things." Candyspace adds details like the timing for a launch, the scale of a pitch (local or global) and whether a client is new or a repeat customer. With these leads, they can better track leads and quickly drill down to find all the information they need to create an accurate quote.

At the end of the day, we're selling time and hours and people. Having a tool that tracks all of those, and has it all in one place, from leads through to finance, is really good.
Nick Shadbolt
Nick Shadbolt
Business Director, Candyspace

What would you say to other creative agencies considering using WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax has introduced a bit more science into our whole job process – making us a lot more efficient and more profitable business.
Tom Thorne
PARTNER, Candyspace

For Tom, everything comes back to their core focus as an agency. "We are basically in charge of someone else's dream. That’s one of the biggest challenges running an agency; the client has certain desires and expectations and you're expected to take on the burden of meeting them. Our business is very much about collaboration with our clients. We need to stay very close to them throughout the project, in order to deliver something of excellence." 

"WorkflowMax is critical to our business, because it allows us to stay close to our clients." For Tom, having these processes in place – and in an easily scaleable form – means the company can continue to grow steadily and focus attention on their technological developments. 

"WorkflowMax has introduced a bit more science into our whole job process – making us a lot more efficient and more profitable business."

Say goodbye to tracking time on Excel & creating estimates on Word. Join over 5000 businesses and say hello to WorkflowMax.