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Find out how these engineering companies use WorkflowMax to manage the practical side of their business.

[VIDEO] Greengage saved £10,000 off admin costs in one year thanks to improved systems

As sustainability consultants, the Greengage team wanted a workflow system that allowed them to have an environmentally-friendly, paperless office. Now their business is running efficiently and beautifully.

  • £10,000 of billable hours saved per year
  • 2 weeks saved in the invoicing process
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[VIDEO] With accurate job costing and time tracking, WorkflowMax helps GWA deliver total transparency to clients

Georgina Wilson uses WorkflowMax to create a lean and efficient administration system that allows for transparency and accountability in her Sydney-based architecture practice.

  • Reduced quoting time from 8 hours to 30 min per job
  • Took just 10 minutes to get started
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[VIDEO] Growing company Steelcraft streamlines processes and saves $50,000 in admin costs annually

When Steelcraft – an engineering, fabrication and machining company – entered a rapid growth phase, WorkflowMax enabled them to keep tabs on their cashflow and provide detailed invoices and reports to meet client demands.

  • 100+ concurrent jobs running smoothly.
  • At least $50,000 saved annually in admin costs.
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[VIDEO] With instant invoices, hydraulic engineering firm Rotaret have improved cashflow by 10%

Richard Rowe needed to find a workflow and project management solution that would keep up with his company's rapid growth, as well as reduce the pressure on his administration time – luckily, he discovered WorkflowMax.

  • Improved cashflow by 10%
  • Saved at least 3 admin hours daily
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[VIDEO] Conquest Solutions cut quoting time by 66% with templates

Husband and wife team Lance and Rose Retter needed a system for managing clients. With WorkflowMax handling everything from quotes to leads and purchase orders, this dynamic duo are able to get on with the serious business of growing their IT company.

  • Cut down quoting time by 66%
  • 24% increase in daily rate thanks to reporting insights
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[VIDEO] Blirt uses WorkflowMax to combine multiple tools into one streamlined system.

Stuart Leo, owner of creative and business strategy agency, Blirt, has used WorkflowMax to create a streamlined, collaborative project management system that meets the needs of his multi-office company.

  • Now easily manages 200 jobs at once across offices
  • Reduced monthly invoicing time to just 10 minutes
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[VIDEO] WorkflowMax helps SA Construct stay on top of cashflow

Australian construction company SA Construct work with fixed-price contracts - this means it’s vital they keep track of time, cash flow and profitability. WorkflowMax enables owner Jarrad to see exactly how much time each job is taking and his profit.

  • 4 hours per week saved on timesheets
  • Payroll now takes only 1 hour per month
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[VIDEO] Cymon Allfrey Architects move from spreadsheets to seamless, real-time job costing with WorkflowMax

Historically, Cymon Allfrey would have to wait til the end of the year to see if his architecture firm made a profit. No more crossing fingers – with WorkflowMax, he can see how the business is performing in real-time.

  • 60 admin hours saved every month
  • 75% reduction in time spent creating invoices
new zealand  architects design

[VIDEO] Candyspace are Impressing Clients with Clever Reporting

As an industry leader in multi-platform digital and mobile marketing, Tom Thorne at Candyspace knows how important it is to keep clients happy. He uses WorkflowMax to keep his projects on time and on budget, and to provide additional value to clients

  • Providing customized reports to clients about jobs
  • Adding power to Lead Manager with custom fields
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[VIDEO] Stilwell are eliminating human error with total job management system

When Stilwell engineering began, the team was using their memories to track jobs and leads. Not surprisingly, this wasn’t working, and owner Nick turned to WorkflowMax to manage the company’s huge job load.

  • 100+ Jobs at once all managed through WorkflowMax
  • Hours of invoicing cut down to mere minutes
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[VIDEO] Clever templates slash Digital Reality’s quoting time by three hours.

Eric Catania of Digital Reality used to create every single quote from scratch, costing hours of his time. Now, with WorkflowMax, he can whip a quote up in minutes, and focus his attention on growing his thriving IT business.

  • 3 hours saved on every quote
  • $10,000 of billable time saved every month
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[VIDEO] Time tracking empowers Threerooms staff to take ownership of projects

By giving all his staff access to WorkflowMax, Ian Morris has not only slashed his admin time, he’s empowering his design team to take responsibility for ensuring projects come in on time and under budget.

  • Invoices sent out in a matter of minutes
  • 1000% ROI on WorkflowMax
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[VIDEO] With WorkflowMax, Hydronumerics can manage complex engineering projects from anywhere in the world

The team at water resources engineering firm, Hydronumerics, needed an online solution that allowed them to collaborate remotely on projects, as well as keep on top of the company’s billing and administration while on the road - WorkflowMax makes it easy.

  • 1.5 hours saved per week on billing
  • 5 hours a month saved on timesheeting
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Actionable business insights from WorkflowMax gives Studio 106 the Leading edge

As the team began to grow, Studio106 needed a simple and efficient job management and time tracking system that allowed them to instead focus their time on what they do best, instead of admin.

  • One system from CRM through to invoicing
  • Shift from quarterly financial reviews to monthly
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ESPNZ has increased capacity by 60% thanks to improved operational efficiency

WorkflowMax’s lead manager feature is critical to Energy Solution Providers achieving a smooth, consistent and efficient on-boarding experience for their customers.

  • 60% increase in workload capacity
  • One system connecting both sales and operations
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WorkflowMax gives earthworks company, Polcon, a solid foundation to support business growth

Christchurch company Polcon were able to gain complete visibility over their project costs and labour time, can now use that information to drive profits in their business.

  • 1min to raise a quote
  • Reports built with the click of a button
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Fraser Coast Opportunities solves collaboration challenges with the help of WorkflowMax

Not-for-profit organisation, Fraser Coast Opportunities, has created a powerful integrated cloud-based system with WorkflowMax at its core, allowing them to create a clear line of sight across all projects throughout their multi-faceted organisation.

  • 100% cloud-based system
  • 30-50% off IT budget
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APT Training have halved their administration time with the help of WorkflowMax

The team at APT Training, a hydraulic training and engineering company, have achieved a streamlined administration system, with WorkflowMax operating as the hub of their business, allowing them to manage workflow and cashflow in one central system.

  • 10 admin hours saved per week
  • Time spent invoicing reduced from 2 days to half a day
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Data-driven insights from WorkflowMax reporting help grow T3 Group’s profitability

Data and financial insight gained from using WorkflowMax has seen T3 Group add over $250,000 to their monthly targets, and grow from a company of three people, to an expanding business of 30 employees, in less than a year.

  • Invoices sent out within 24 hours (reduced from 14 days)
  • Accounts receivable payments improved by 20 days
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WorkflowMax is helping Active Architecture achieve powerful business insights

Michael Bennington has used WorkflowMax to reduce the amount of time he spends on administration tasks in his architecture practice, and with financial insights through WorkflowMax reporting he can now focus on growing his business.

  • Four pieces of software replaced by one integrated system
  • No more double-handling of data
new zealand  architects design

Chester Consultants break down silos to create a streamlined system with WorkflowMax

Steven Rankin and his team at Chester Consultants used WorkflowMax to create one integrated system they can access from anywhere that gives them complete visibility over their jobs through customised reporting.

  • Invoicing time cut in half
  • Hundreds of jobs managed from one system
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Improved efficiencies and simplified systems for Symmetry Commercial

WorkflowMax helps commercial fit-out and property maintenance company, Symmetry Commercial manage their multi-faceted, contractor-based projects with ease and efficiency.

  • 20% efficiency increase across the board
  • Simplified, paperless purchase order process
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WorkflowMax’s flexible time tracking revolutionizes ellen&ellen’s admin process

Branding agency ellen&ellen help clients to tell their brand stories. Their own story is the tale of a fledgling agency with a pen and paper job management system to a highly efficient machine thanks to WorkflowMax.

  • $55k a year saved in admin costs
  • At least 1 hour saved on every invoice
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7 Group increases profit by $30 per hour with WorkflowMax

For design agency 7 Group, the true genius of WorkflowMax is the overall picture it provides. From time and rates to printing and media costs – you name it, they’re able to keep track of it and invoice for it.

  • 27% increase in profitability
  • $30 increase in profit per hour
new zealand  creative agencies

Buildology save 15 admin hours a month with WorkflowMax

Architectural design firm Buildology made a 1150% return on investment within 2 months after implementing WorkflowMax as an all-in-one communication hub, time-sheeting and cloud-based end-to-end job management solution.

  • 1150% ROI in only two months of using WorkflowMax
  • 16 hours of admin time saved per month
new zealand  architects design

Time tracking keeps FibreHR’s jobs on target

HR and Recruitment firm FibreHR like to do things a little differently. Because of the wide variety of services they offer, they need thorough and accurate time tracking and invoicing. That’s why they only trust WorkflowMax.

  • Dramatic decrease on time spent invoicing
  • Better visibility of overall costs per job
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