Chester Consultants break down silos to create a streamlined system



Auckland-based consulting engineers, Chester Consultants, boast a diverse client base with a large number of jobs on the go at once. “At any one time we’ve probably got a couple of hundred jobs open that are at various stages. Some may be at consenting stage, some may be in council, some may be under construction”, explains company director and senior engineer, Steven Rankin.

Not surprisingly, Steven and his team needed an efficient project management solution that would help them easily stay on top of the many administration tasks associated with managing multiple projects. “Our financial advisor suggested WorkflowMax. We sat down with him for a couple of hours, we played around with it, then we said ‘Yes, that’s better, let’s do it’.”

And the rest, as they say, is history...

3 challenges Chester Consultants faced before using WorkflowMax



With an expanding team and more offices, Chester Consultants needed cloud-based software that was accessible from anywhere.

Siloed systems

Their existing software did not allow for a seamless flow of data between quoting and invoicing systems.


The company’s existing administrative processes were cumbersome and inefficient.

A move to a more efficient system

Improved insight and visibility

Top 3 benefits of using WorkflowMax:



“We have integrated WorkflowMax with our accounting, records management and payroll system.”


“Staff can work from home, check on jobs and update them remotely.”

Ease of use and easy access to information

“It’s intuitive. You click on anything and it takes you where you need to go.”

Accessibility across the globe

What would you say to other engineers considering using WorkflowMax?

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