ESP has increased capacity by 60% thanks to improved operational efficiency


Jamie Burrows is in the business of saving his customers money. As the CEO of Auckland-based company, Energy Solution Providers (ESP), he leads a team of engineers and consultants who help businesses reduce their energy consumption and achieve significant long-term cost savings by taking a closer look at their electricity, water and gas consumption.

With multiple projects always on the go across a wide range of clients, ESP needed a software solution that would allow them to easily manage both their projects, and their own internal operations, from one central hub. “We had two primary needs. The first was a CRM, the second was timesheeting and an internal costs and activity measurement tool”, explains Jamie.

When ESP discovered WorkflowMax, they found a job management solution that covered their critical criteria - and more.

Never miss an opportunity

Critical information always at hand

Visibility over time and cost

Clarity over the business through reporting

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