Hydronumerics manage complex engineering projects from anywhere with online job management

1.5 hrs
saved weekly on billing
5 hrs
saved monthly on timesheeting

When Hydronumeric’s team of engineers aren’t working with water, they’re likely flying over it. This Melbourne-based water management firm provides innovative solutions for projects all over the world. In fact, it’s not unusual for Water Resources Engineer, Chris O’Neill, to travel from Australia to India or the UK and back again, all in the space of a week.

With all this time spent between airport lounges and overseas sites, the HydroNumerics team wanted software that allowed them to work and collaborate remotely with ease. “We’re not often in the office, so all our systems need to be available in the cloud”, Chris explains. And WorkflowMax proved to be just the solution this tech-savvy team needed.

Taking the time out of timesheet administration

Better business insight to boost profitability

Top 3 reasons HydroNumerics love WorkflowMax...



With engineers out in the field, locally and overseas, Hydronumerics can access and update project info from anywhere.


The seamless flow of data from Xero to WorkflowMax saves time and administration headaches.

Multiple charge-out rates for users

The Hydronumerics engineers no longer have to rely on their memory to enter project-specific charge-out rates for billing.

Easy, integrated invoicing

Easy collaboration means opportunities for growth

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