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Jason and Darren George don’t look like guinea pigs, but that’s exactly what they were. As WorkflowMax’s first users, their company Steelcraft – an engineering, fabrication and machining company – got the chance to help pioneer a solution tailored to their exact needs.

Jason explains that, before WorkflowMax, their workflow management was a mess. “We were using some customized solution built using Microsoft Access. Sometimes the excel spreadsheet stuffed up, we would lose track of invoices and then we had nothing to bill to the client. That was terrible from a business perspective. It was crazy.”

Three problems SteelCraft Faced During Their Growth Phase



Invoices went unpaid for months, and with no one checking up on them, cash didn't materialize.


Invoices and quotes were done in the evenings, meaning no time for family. The work just kept mounting up.

Job Costing

Jobs could be running at a loss, and no one would know. We would wait till the end of the year to know the results.

Solving the Cashflow Crisis

“We would invoice people and they would forget to pay us.” says Jason. “Because we weren’t checking up on it and there was no notification coming to us saying “this client hasn’t paid”, six months would pass and then we’d have a look and see that someone hadn’t paid us. Then we’d invoice him again and he’d say – where does this come from? It was really hard for us to get money out of clients.”

“We had only six guys at that time,” adds Darren, “so it was doable. But when we grew rapidly, huge problems started cropping up. We couldn’t keep up with the amount of stuff we had to do. Luckily, WorkflowMax came along.”

If you get out to a job and they need extra material, you can get on your mobile phone, look up the job number, and put that next to the job. It's all tracked.
Darren George
Darren George
Director, Steelcraft

WorkflowMax Gives Room to Grow

The demands that our clients make are pretty incredible – no one else can produce those reports unless they are using WorkflowMax.
Darren George
Director, Steelcraft

In the highly-competitive engineering business, being able to produce whatever data the client wants, whenever he wants it is a huge competitive advantage. “Some of the demands that our clients make are pretty incredible.” says Darren. “But if a client comes back to me and says, “I want a job report mentioning this, this and this” – no one else can produce that report unless they are using WorkflowMax.“

WorkflowMax has been essential not just to Steelcraft’s day-to-day operations, but to their company’s rapid growth. “Everything in the old days was left to the end of the month – we’d get everything together and send out all the invoices. But in 2009, our clients started asking for weekly invoices so they could keep up to date with their financial numbers.

“With WorkflowMax, we were able to start invoicing weekly. Then clients started asking, “Can you attach a job number next to that? Can you add staff hours in there? Can you do this?” and we’re able to do all of that within WorkflowMax.”

“One company wanted to know hours from the monthly stats – so we built a custom report and it’s now just a click away. Imagine doing that in the old days? You’d have to go through and calculate everybody’s hours yourself. It would be a huge pain in the ass!”

Three Things StreelCraft Love About WorkflowMax


Custom Invoicing

Whatever our clients want, we can do it – weekly invoices, job numbers, staff hours – it can all go on the invoice.

Accurate Job Costing

Now, we can see job costs, time spent, and see straight away if we’re turning a profit. It’s invaluable to us.

Competitive Advantage

WorkflowMax enable us to give our clients detailed and accurate reports, making us leaders in our industry.

Show Me the Money

For a large company like Steelcraft, understanding profits is vital. That’s why the quoting and job costing features are so important. “You can bring up your actual quote, and see how much you’ve spent, how much you’re earning, whether you’re making money or losing it. That is incredible. In the old days you could be running at a loss, and you’d have no idea. You’d have to wait till the end of the year to know your results. Now, we can see straight away, before a job is even finished. That’s vital for us.”

I use workflowmax on a daily basis. Creating a job, entering staff details, invoicing, monthly statements, it's really a powerful system.
Darren George
Director, Steelcraft
WorkflowMax is a large filing system as well – it includes all the supplier details, staff details, invoices, statements. Basically all the reports we run
for this company.
Cathy Zhao
Accounts Administrator, Steelcraft

“For example, with one of our largest clients we were looking at all the costs coming through WorkflowMax during the year, and we found we weren’t making much money – not even 10%. We thought our charge-out rate was about right. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t even close. So we approached them and revised our quote. This was only possible because all that net profitability data comes from WorkflowMax. Seeing your cashflow and profitability per project in real-time is priceless.”

Keeping up with Client Demands

“The boat job is a perfect example of how WorkflowMax has been able to keep up with everything what our clients have thrown at us.” says Jason, referring to a recent job where requiring some tricky fabrication. “We’ve got to get paid on the day the boat leaves, or the boat’s gone and so is our money. We may be working all the way till that final day. So everything has to be in WFM, up-to-date and ready to go – so that we can invoice the client the moment we’re done. We captured all the materials and time in WorkflowMax, and produced the invoice straight away.”

“And that was only one client’s needs,” laughs Darren. “Another client wants to be invoiced weekly. Another client wants to be invoiced in one bulk invoice. Another one wants separate invoices … WorkflowMax handles them all.”

We captured all the materials and time in WorkflowMax, and produced the invoice straight away.
Jason George
Director, Steelcraft

What would you tell other engineering firms thinking of using WorkflowMax?

It has paid for itself over and over again. If I hadn’t implemented WorkflowMax, I wouldn’t have seen my kids grow up. It has given me more family time back with my kids, friends and loved ones.
Jason George
Jason George
Director, Steelcraft

Darren isn’t shy in pointing out the importance of WorkflowMax to his company. “The main thing for us was that WorkflowMax enabled us to grow as a business. We would have never been able to grow as rapidly – going from six to eighty staff within 2 years. It would have been impossible to track and then invoice on our old system. We couldn’t have done it without WorkflowMax.”

Jason can’t overstate the impact WorkflowMax has had on the business, and his life. “It’s massive, huge. It has paid for itself over and over and over again. In the old days, I would be working in the office during the day, and doing the accounts/finances stuff at home in the evenings. It would take me hours. If I hadn’t implemented WorkflowMax, I wouldn’t have seen my kids grow up. It has given me more family time back with my kids, friends and loved ones.”

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