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Husband and wife team Lance and Rose Retter started Conquest Solutions in 2004, to combine their individual strengths. "I’m good at finding solutions for our clients and meeting their needs," says Lance. "But when it comes to accounting or managing paperwork … I suck. I’m horrible. Rose is the missing piece of the puzzle. She is good at all the things I’m bad at."

This symbiotic relationship extends to the company's offerings: On one side, Conquest Solutions provides IT consulting on hardware, software and managed services, but they also supply security and access control systems – everything a business needs working together through their technology.

Perhaps it was this need to have everything working seamlessly together that led Conquest Solutions to WorkflowMax.

A Marriage of Convenience

In the beginning, Conquest Solutions didn't have a system to manage clients. Lance switched his company's accounting over to Xero, and then went looking through the add-ons to find a workflow product that would work with Google Apps. He tried 10 different CRMs before finally stumbling across WorkflowMax. Lance explains that Conquest Solutions and WorkflowMax were a real 'marriage of convenience'.

Being able to track and measure the profitability of each job has really helped us grow as a business.
Rose Retter
Rose Retter
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

"We really wanted purchase orders, and WorkflowMax's purchase orders functionality is awesome, so that's why we went with it. And then we found Freshdesk, which integrates with WorkflowMax, too. Now we use Freshdesk for our service tickets, and WorkflowMax for everything to do with jobs."

"When we expanded our business into security and access control, we went from just billing time to a lot more project-based work. Our current system was working fairly well until we started needing to order a lot of products. So we started to feel the need for purchase orders, job tracking, etc. and that's what WorkflowMax does really well."

Seamless integration with Xero a huge bonus

From a workflow and an accounting standpoint, it could not be any better.
Rose Retter
Rose Retter
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For Lance and Rose, it's the way WorkflowMax and Xero work together that really makes them happy. "Any products that we have ordered also go as a record into Xero.” says Rose. “Any money that we have received we get into Xero, but it equates to the invoice paid in WorkflowMax. So the seamless transfer of information both ways is extremely handy and saves us hours and hours of time."

And it's not just WorkflowMax and Xero working together. As Conquest Solutions provides IT support, they use helpdesk software Freshdesk to manage tickets. Employees can simply track their time against a service ticket in Freshdesk, and this info is pushed into WorkflowMax to be recorded against the job. 

"From a workflow and an accounting standpoint, it could not be any better." says Lance. "WorkflowMax is really the core of our business. It covers all critical points of our business and makes sure we get paid and we pay our vendors – it's absolutely seamless."

Three Features Conquest Solutions Love About WorkflowMax



Using business insights gained through reporting, Conquest Solutions increased their daily rate by 25%.


Being able to set different staff rates and job rates as templates has sped-up and streamlined quoting and invoicing.

Lead Manager

Leads are always followed up and the sales team can create quotes for leads and send to Lance for review.

What would you say to other IT companies thinking of using WorkflowMax?

Rose explains that for IT companies, the biggest issue is billing for the right amount, which all comes down to accurate time tracking. "The biggest issue for us is billing our customers accurately. So the biggest advantage of WorkflowMax for us is to be able to tell our clients exactly what we did. When a client receives our invoice, they can see the hours listed, what we did, and what it translates into."

Because of this transparency within their quoting and invoicing process, Lance reports that they have never had a dispute with a client over an invoice. 

"Everything that we need is in WorkflowMax." adds Lance. "And I think we use every piece of functionality available. We would lose tens of thousands of dollars each year if we didn’t have a system to manage our workflow. If you're dealing with $50,000 of profit slipping through the cracks every year, the amount you pay for WorkflowMax is just peanuts."

We would lose tens of thousands of dollars each year if we didn’t have WorkflowMax.
Lance Retter
Lance Retter
Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

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