Clever templates slash Digital Reality’s quoting time by three hours.

3 hours
saved per quote
billable hours saved per month

Eric Catania started out in the IT industry implementing Apple technology for SMEs. But after a couple of years of billing hourly and being unable to scale the business, he shifted focus. Seeing a hole in the market, he rebranded Digital Reality around implementing Point-Of-Sale systems for restaurants and retail locations. Four years on, the company is entirely virtual, helping retailers manage POS from New York to San Francisco, and are also dabbling in internet marketing for clients. 

As an IT guy, Eric already had a laundry list of what he wanted from his job management software. "I really wanted everything to communicate. That was the biggest and most important requirement. We didn’t want to re-enter all the information from quotes to jobs to invoices to accounts. We wanted to be able to track time against our estimate, and then easily bill throughout the project, not just at the end. And those were the key requirements. WorkflowMax met all of our requirements perfectly and that’s why we chose it."

Three Features Eric Loves about WorkflowMax


Ticketing Integration

WorkflowMax integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and Freshdesk – a huge bonus in the IT industry.

Fast Quoting

It's cut quoting time down from a
few hours to a few minutes.
That is incredible.

Virtual Office

Getting staff to track their time so that they could understand net profitability on each job, staff productivity, and where they can improve.

Speeding up the quoting process

Quoting was one of Eric's real sore points. Since he didn't even have a basic quote template, he'd begin each quote from scratch, and it could take him 2-3 hours to complete. "Now I have templates in WorkflowMax for all the different types of jobs we do. I even have little add-on templates. So I will start a single store, 2-user installation of our retail software, but then if they want ecommerce, and internet marketing, and I can just check a few boxes and add on those services. I can produce an amazingly accurate quote in less than 5 minutes. It's been transformative for us."

I can produce an amazingly accurate quote in less than 5 minutes. It's been transformative for us.
Eric Catania
Eric Catania

The power of business reporting

I use the report builder all the time. I have two reports that I’ve saved as favourites.
Eric Catania
Eric Catania

Eric has been surprised at the functionality of the reporting tool. He loves being able to make up the criteria he needs to see quickly. "I use the report builder all the time. I have two reports that I’ve saved as favourites. Occasionally I'll create a new report on the fly." 

Eric's two favourite reports are Sent Invoice Report, which shows him what's been billed, and an Invoice Collected Report, which shows him which invoices have been paid and helps him to track how the company is performing over a month. He also uses this report to track sales commissions. 

"Now that people enter time instantly and we can send invoices quickly, there's no big end-of-the-month event where we see the performance. I look at the reports every day and can say to the team 'Guys, we are looking a little low this month compared to last month. Should we find a way of driving more sales?' Most of the time I can easily see what I need to see in WorkflowMax."

Three things Buildology loves about WorkflowMax...


Collaboration manager

The ability to connect each email with a particular job is a game changer. It shows us exactly which emails we've sent and received from clients, councils, builders & designers, saving 8-16 hours per week on admin.

All-in-one integrated solution

It looks professional, is easy to use and our staff enjoy using it. Having everything - leads, quotes, jobs, time tracking, invoices - in one place means we just need to use one system for everything.

Business intelligence & the cloud

Since it's all cloud-based software, there is nothing to install, no servers to implement - all I need is a laptop/phone/ipad and an internet connection to know whats going on in the business - anytime, anywhere.

What would you say to other IT Service firms thinking of using WorkflowMax?

For Eric, WorkflowMax meets all his needs, and more. It has dramatically cut down his admin time, enabling his team to work independently across different states and track time accurately, and hase given him more visibility in the business. 

"For example, it's very valuable to know how much time my $20/hr contractor does compared to my $100/hr contractor." says Eric. "But more importantly, WorkflowMax is flexible. WorkflowMax has changed as our business has changed. We switched from doing time-based billing to cost-based billing as we grew our POS side of the business. As WorkflowMax is so powerful and flexible, it can handle all our business requirements."

The great integration with Zendesk is really big for our industry.
Eric Catania

Say goodbye to tracking time in Excel & creating estimates in Word. Join over 5000 businesses and say hello to WorkflowMax.