With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Recommending software to clients is easy when you use it and love it yourself. Powered by insights from Xero and WorkflowMax, BDO UK do just that. Find out how they benefited from our partnership to increase their profitability and job performance, and better leverage their expertise to clients.

BDO UK provides tax, accounting and business advisory services to small businesses, helping them simplify important financial information to harness the best opportunities available to them. It’s a mission that resonates deeply with us at Workflowmax and Xero! 

In this pursuit, the team at BDO UK recently launched a new platform called BDODrive. Underpinned by the latest cloud technology, BDODrive is transforming the delivery of accounting services and helping companies of all sizes with their day-to-day pressures.  Whether businesses need help with bookkeeping, payroll and tax, or want advice to build a clear vision and avoid common pitfalls that derail success, BDODrive can help.

“We know that businesses face many, many challenges,” says Katherine O’Carroll, senior manager of BDO Business Outsourcing. “And so, BDODrive really helps companies understand where they are today and where they want to be in future. We think about the road ahead of them and help them navigate all the ins and outs of doing business.”

By understanding the challenges and goals of their clients, BDODrive can bring in the right support at the right time, including:

  • Compliance - helping businesses navigate the many requirements they face
  • Outsourcing - taking away the strain of  using the latest technology so that business owners can focus on their many other challenges
  • Advisory - helping businesses avoid obstacles and navigate to success, whether you are an ambitious start-up or a dynamic family business​

Our internal teams have seen the benefits in being able to schedule work, record time and manage."

Katherine O’Carroll, BDO




Increasingly, faster and more in-depth information is wanted by invested parties so they can free up time to really work on developing their businesses. As such, a wide range of tech options now exists within the market to fulfil this need, leaving the decision of which to choose particularly daunting.

Too often small businesses are making decisions to move to the cloud and transition to new software without proper due diligence and foresight. As a result, businesses are finding themselves with redundant overheads, inefficiencies and sub-par performance.

That’s why BDODrive has come to exist. In working with their clients, BDODrive can provide a clear picture of where a business is today, develop clear goals for the future and navigate the road ahead to success. But this doesn’t come without its own learning curve.

“We need to work with technology because we need better information at our fingertips ourselves, and we need to see what the client is seeing and the challenges they are facing,” says Katherine.

Xero and WorkflowMax have enabled us to take our business to the next level and that’s why we regularly recommend it to our clients."

Katherine O’Carroll, BDO
“WorkflowMax has helped our clients to improve project profitability, optimise job costing, integrate their billing and enhance the way that they capture and track time.”

In order to truly help their clients, BDODrive needs a clear and concise insight into how their clients operate. Up to date information eliminates the reliance on historical data meaning you can plan for the future. In order to fill the data void, they have partnered with WorkflowMax and Xero to bring everything together in one simple and easy-to-navigate space. 

“It gives us better quality information on our clients so we can really help them,” says Katherine.




If anyone knows the great benefits Workflowmax brings to their clients, it’s Matt Greely. As a business analyst at BDODrive, Matt’s role sees him working first hand with clients to set them up with the right tools and technology to grow their businesses.

“I took a real interest in WorkflowMax after helping several internal teams at BDO implement the software,” says Matt. “I’m a systems and processes guy, so naturally I saw the value in being able to offer a service to help my clients improve their own project profitability, with job costing, time tracking, invoicing integration, etcetera. Being able to extract reliable data and critical business insights out of the reports feature is also a draw card.”


But the benefits aren't only client-facing.

“Our internal teams have seen the benefits in being able to schedule work, record time and manage capacity, which always gives great visibility over what the team needs to deliver – it’s invaluable,” says Matt.

“Using these powerful tools has enabled us to view our own financial profitability and workflows. And through this process we’ve become experts at helping our clients to see the advantages of moving their operations to the cloud,” says Katherine.

WorkflowMax has helped BDODrive optimise job costing, integrate their billing and enhance the way they capture and track time. Being an all-in-one job management software, it is online and accessible from anywhere, meaning that BDODrive has all the details they could ever need, at any time.

“One of the key things is the fact that we have such great account managers at both Xero and WorkflowMax. It’s helped us to help our clients to build real inroads into a digital future.” 

No credit card required. No contracts to cancel. No setup fees. No hidden costs. No downloads.

Like many of our implementation partners, BDO has in-depth experience in the implementation and support of WorkflowMax and Xero for clients including architects, IT consultants, construction management, and marine services. If you are interested in adopting Workflomax for your own business and would like to know more about what our implementation partners can do for you, find out more here

And with a free 14 day trial, why not give it a go for yourself first? You’ve got nothing to lose. 


MAX hacks from BDO

If, like BDODrive, you are looking set yourself on the right track to success, here are some handy tools that will help you assess how your business is currently performing and where improvements can be made and help you develop clear actionable goals.


Job management and resource scheduling

With WorkflowMax you have all your job information in one place so you can see who’s working on what, monitor due dates and track milestones.
  • Stay on top of all your jobs. View all your organisation’s jobs, filter different job views, see staff allocation and important milestones and dates all from one place.
  • Clever reporting. Understand deadlines, job status and staff allocation at a glance.
  • Track time against estimated. See how many hours a job is taking compared to the estimate, and avoid nasty cost overruns.

Customisable reporting

We've got the report to match any information you need. Choose from a range of sample reports or create your own custom reports. Stop losing money on your projects! Identify the leaks with powerful online reporting.
  • Your data, your way. If it’s about your business and you want to know the answer, you can generate a report and … voila!
  • Visualise and compare. Graphs, diagrams and charts help you discover trends you can utilise to increase profit.
  • Improve accountability. Learn from previous projects, identify opportunities and make better business decisions.

Job costing

WorkflowMax's powerful job costing software helps you understand where your profit is being earned.
  • See your estimated costs broken down into individual tasks.
  • Integrate with quotes for an automatic and accurate picture of your quoted cost.
  • Measure your actual costs as they come in to see if your staff are quoting accurately.
  • See the profit made on each job so you can make decisions on whether your quotes are too low or high.

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