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How to get started with the WorkflowMax / HubSpot integration

Set up your account:

  • Go to the HubSpot / WorkflowMax integration tool by clicking here.

  • Create a new account by entering your email address and password - it will be different than either your WorkflowMax or HubSpot login details. You only need to do this once while setting up the integration.

  • Click ‘Start Integration Setup


Set up the connection:

  • Click ‘Connection Details’ on the left-hand menu.

  • You’ll need to enter your HubSpot ID and your WorkflowMax API and Account Key in the fields provided. If you’re not sure how to get these, please send an email to with the name of the account, and the associated email address.

  • Then click on ‘Click here to authorise HubSpot access’ and follow the prompts on the pop-up box to authorize your HubSpot account .

  • Select ‘save settings’.


Set up sync between HubSpot and WorkflowMax:

  • Click ‘Sync Settings’ on the left-hand menu.

  • You’ll see three options to switch on or off using the buttons on the right-hand side.

    1. Create a job in WorkflowMax when a deal is closed/won in HubSpot - selecting this option means when a deal is closed or won in HubSpot, a job is setup in WorkflowMax automatically. This option only works with HubSpot CRM. If the deal is for a new company, it will also create or update the client and contact in WorkflowMax. Direct links are created in both the WorkflowMax job and HubSpot deal to take you to the corresponding job or deal. Please note that the app only syncs every five minutes, therefore sometimes it may take up to five minutes for a job to appear once a deal is closed.

    2. Sync HubSpot companies and contacts to WorkflowMax clients and contacts - selecting this option allows ‘Companies’ in HubSpot with a lifecycle stage of 'Customer' to sync as a 'Client' in WorkflowMax. HubSpot ‘Contacts’ associated with a company that has the lifecycle stage of 'Customer,' will sync to WorkflowMax as a ‘Contact.’ Again, this sync may take up to five minutes to appear.

    3. Sync WorkflowMax clients and contacts to HubSpot companies and contacts - selecting this option allows ‘Clients’ and ‘Contacts’ in WorkflowMax to sync with ‘Companies’ and ‘Contacts’ in HubSpot.

  • System of Record relates to existing data records. Select your System of Record by clicking the button next to either HubSpot or WorkflowMax. If you select WorkflowMax as your system of record, and you edit a field in HubSpot that also has a value in WorkflowMax (e.g. a phone number), then that edit won’t override the existing value in WorkflowMax, and vice versa.

  • Once complete, select ‘save settings’.


Set up field mappings:

  • Select Company/Client Field Mappings in the left-hand menu. Under Standard Mappings you will see which fields in HubSpot will sync with the corresponding field in WorkflowMax.

  • Use the Add a New Mapping selector to add as many custom mappings as you need. Enter the HubSpot field name and the corresponding WorkflowMax field name, then click Add Field Mapping. Keep in mind that the app will only let you map compatible field types. For example, a text field needs to map to a text field, and a number field to a number field in both applications. If there is no compatible field available, then you will not be able to make a selection. For example, if you choose ‘Facebook Fans’ as a HubSpot field, you will not be able to add a corresponding field in WorkflowMax. The added field will then appear under ‘My Field Mappings’ with the option to edit or delete.

  • Repeat this process for both Contact Field Mappings and Deal/Job Field Mappings by selecting the option from the left-hand menu and entering any custom mappings you need.

  • You can come back to update or change these settings when required via this integration tool.


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