The closest integration with Xero around

Owned by Xero, WorkflowMax offers the best integration with Xero accounting of any available app. Create an invoice in WorkflowMax and simply push that data through to Xero. Enter information into one system and it pops through on the other - automagically.

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Working together seamlessly to make business beautiful

WorkflowMax + Xero

First-class integration

WorkflowMax offers the best integration with Xero Accounting of any available app.

Push invoices to Xero

When you create a sales invoice in WorkflowMax, you can push that data through to Xero.

Get payment confirmation in WorkflowMax

Payments in Xero are automatically synced with the corresponding invoice in WorkflowMax, giving you an accurate picture of profitability per job.

Purchase orders

Send purchase orders and receipt supplier invoices in WorkflowMax. These are automatically pushed to Xero for payment. Your job costing is complete, without you doing a thing.

6000+ Xero users love WorkflowMax

It's a life saver. All you need is those two systems – WorkflowMax and Xero to run an effective agency.
Mary Ellen Davy
WorkflowMax is very easy to use and integrates easily with Xero. I feel like we have a world-class ERP system for a fraction of the costs.
Victoria Read
Entrion, Consulting

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Push your sales invoices into Xero – at the click of a button

WorkflowMax invoices in Xero
Sales invoices integrate with Xero
  1. Invoice Number

    The same invoice number in WorkflowMax and Xero.

  2. Job Information

    Find all the details you need with ease.

  3. Separate Tasks

    All your tasks stay the same, in the same order.

  4. Costs

    Costs separated out for easy comprehension.

Once reconciled in Xero, see your net profitability in WorkflowMax

Xero integration

Once an invoice is marked paid in Xero, this is updated in WorkflowMax - automatically.

Xero integrates back into WorkflowMax

You can now see all the payment details against your jobs. Simple & seamless!

Mary Ellen Davy
For a branding agency like ours, it’s a perfect end-to-end business solution. All you need is those two systems – WorkflowMax and Xero – to run an effective agency.
Mary Ellen Davy, Director, ellen&ellen / Auckland-based creative agency

Manage purchase orders in one place - say goodbye to double entry

Purchase order integration Xero

Raise purchase orders in WorkflowMax, and add as job costs as you receipt supplier invoices. These are automatically pushed into Xero for payment.

Eliminate double entry Xero

Switch to Xero to approve payment - Easy!

Xero & WorkflowMax – all you need for your business

Save time

Data moves between Xero and WorkflowMax with a single click. Eliminate unnecessary data entry and spend your time on more important tasks.

No more double-handling

Get an accurate view of your business as invoices, purchase orders, contacts and payments move between Xero and WorkflowMax.

A complete solution

With Xero and WorkflowMax integrated together for your business, you have a powerful, end‑to-end business solution at your fingertips.

How does Xero integration fit into your workflow?

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