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Partner email template for WorkflowMax pricing changes.

Template for Partners


Hi [Your client's name],

WorkflowMax and [Your practice name] love working together to help you succeed and grow.

From leads to quotes, to time-tracking through to invoicing, WorkflowMax is the modern, efficient way to run your business and streamline your workflow.

Like all businesses, Xero reviews its pricing occasionally. At the end of March, it is making some adjustments to WorkflowMax plans and pricing and adding a couple of extra plans including a 100+ plan for businesses with large numbers of users.

Recent WorkflowMax enhancements

Xero has focused on developing WorkflowMax to help businesses streamline their work flows – saving time and money – since its last price adjustment over two years ago.

Most recently, they’ve invested in:

  • improving data security and platform stability
  • mobile functionality
  • user interface enhancements
  • invoicing improvements

Advance notice of pricing adjustments

Xero has let us know that the changes come into effect from 28 March 2019, so check out which plan will suit you best here:

[Add details of how this will impact your clients.]

[Insert details of your new pricing structure.]

To learn more about the price change, take a look at the WorkflowMax blog. If you have a question, contact the support team via

Please get in touch with me personally if you need further support.

Thank you,

[your name]

[your practice name]