Partners in New Zealand_Nelson

WorkSmart Limited

WorkSmart Limited are certified partners of Xero and Workflow Max, our professional team consists of qualified accounting and IT specialists.

We are here to assist businesses to reach optimum administrative efficiency. Our advisory services ensure our clients receive quality advice to assist with matching cloud based applications to financial and workflow requirements.

Our project management services are designed to assist clients with the end to end implementation of these applications ensuring transition is seamless and supported. Contact WorkSmart Limited for a no cost consultation today and discuss with us whether Workflow Max can assist your business to reach its desired level of efficiency.

Blueberry IT

At BlueBerry we are dedicated to delivering high quality, business focussed IT solutions to you. It's our job to know everything about IT, so you are left to concentrate on your core business. Our team are highly qualified, real people who know how to help you in a way that makes sense to you.

The BlueBerry experience is based on the belief that technology is here to support and deliver your business goals not dictate them. This makes us a little bit different from traditional IT companies because we take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve and then look at how technology can help.

We offer a complete suite of IT services. If you need it, whether it's hardware, software or support services, we have it. This means you get the best fit solution that adds value to your business and makes the most of your investment in IT.