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Hereford, UK

EMAIL: amber@resolutellp.co.uk

PHONE: 07401 401000

About Us

Through a process of consultation, procurement and development we choose the best-in-breed software to fit your industry specific needs, then using our own in-house development and integration specialists we adapt these to your exact requirements.

Many businesses are complicated by the number and age of their systems, and the varying skills of the people who use them – when designing and specifying we will ensure that we engage with people at all levels of the organization to ensure that everyone will benefit from the proposed system.

We understand the importance of a well-run implementation; even the best software and processes will fall flat if there is not an effective change management, training and installation program developed in tandem with the software system. When designing these, we have experience and the tools to ensure that we can complete the operation with minimal downtime and disruption to your day to day business.