“95% of what a high-cost, custom program does - at a fraction of the cost”

Lee Duffett, Duffett Electrical Solutions

No setup fees. No upfront costs.

With WorkflowMax you get all the benefits of an enterprise-grade system, without having to pay thousands of dollars in implementation and setup!

With our free trial you can test WorkflowMax completely free and see if it's right for you - no upfront costs, no commitment, no risk.

No credit card required.

"With WorkflowMax we save
in admin time a year"

Darren George
Director, Steelcraft

Change or cancel at any time

With WorkflowMax you just pay a low monthly fee as you go - without being locked into any contract.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan as it suits you - or even cancel at anytime, should WorkflowMax not be right for you.

All our plans include:


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Flexible monthly plans

Optional Upgrades

Lead Manager (CRM) module for $15 extra per month.

WorkflowMax Premium from $50 extra per month.

No credit card required.

No setup fees. No hidden costs.
No credit card required.
Get full access in less than 2 minutes.

Extremely cheap compared to existing Medium/Large business software. Very affordable for smaller companies.
Glennis Stuckey
Katalyst Office Management
The amount you pay for WorkflowMax is just peanuts.
Lance Retter
In terms of ROI, WorkflowMax is a no-brainer.
Mitch Cooke

Frequently asked questions...

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Because we don’t require any credit card or other payment information, you don’t have to cancel anything should you choose to not continue using WorkflowMax. You can test the software completely risk-free.

My free trial has ended, where can I sign up?

You can upgrade to the paid subscription plan here after you login to your account.

What counts as a “user”?

A 'User' is anyone (staff, manager, administrator, employee) who either 1) Needs to log in to the application to administer it, and/or 2) Anyone who needs to have their time recorded against tasks which are assigned to them regardless of whether they or someone else logs that time.

Are there any set-up fees?

No. We do not charge any set-up fees and with our free trial you can try out WorkflowMax completely risk-free without any upfront costs.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes. If the number of users you have increases, click here to upgrade to a bigger plan quickly. If the number of users on your account decreases, send us a quick email and we will adjust your subscription accordingly.

Do I have to sign up for a long-term contract?

No. We don’t believe customers should be locked into using WorkflowMax when it doesn’t suit their needs. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on implementing a new system, you pay per month as you go. And if WorkflowMax doesn’t work out for you then you can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel my account?

Although we'll be sad to see you go, you can cancel your subscription at any time, without any cancellation fees. If you do decide to cancel, you will never be charged again and will only be responsible for charges incurred up until the end of the current billing period. 

If you try WorkflowMax but decide it's not right for your business, we delete your trial account after 90 days.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept credit or debit card payments via Visa or Mastercard.

Who uses WorkflowMax? Is WorkflowMax a good fit for my business?

If you're a service business or if you bill based on time, then WorkflowMax is likely right for you. Our customers include creative agencies, architects, engineering firms, builders, construction firms, fabricators, consultants, IT companies and many other professional services businesses and freelancers.

WorkflowMax is ideal for companies with one to a hundred staff. If your business employs more than 100 staff, we recommend trialing other solutions.

Take a look at our case studies for more information on the types of companies who love WorkflowMax and how they use the software in their business.

I’m looking to switch to WorkflowMax from another product. Can I import my data easily?

You sure can. WorkflowMax enables you to import data from a range of products, including customer or product lists, and product files from merchants. You can even import data from spreadsheets or other unspecified systems.

Can I export my data?

Of course. You can export data such as custom reports, clients, jobs, contacts, costs, etc. or export all your data to XML.

Is my data safe and secure? Who owns the data?

The short answer: Yes. You, of course.

The longer answer: WorkflowMax is hosted in Enterprise Grade hosting facilities in the USA. We use redundant hardware, networks, data centres and infrastructure. These ensure that if any component fails, WorkflowMax will keep on running – with little or no disruption to your service. WorkflowMax uses data centres in multiple locations, with data being synced between them. In the event of a disaster at one location, we can switch to another, ensuring our service continues to operate. No one can get access to your files unless you let them. You set the level of user permission and control who is invited into your organisation. We encrypt all data between you and WorkflowMax to ensure it can’t be seen by others. Your web session is encrypted using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) protecting your user ID, password and financial data.

Does it work with my accounting system?

Being a Xero-owned product, we work awesomely together. Additionally, we also play nice with MYOB and other accounting packages, with more integrations being developed every year. You can find more about WorkflowMax-compatible products on our Add-Ons page.

If I have further questions, is there someone I can talk to? Can you help me get started?

We sure can. We’ve got hundreds of video tutorials, a self-paced training course and free webinars in to get you up and running quickly. If you still have questions, send an email through to our super helpful product specialists anytime. As part of your subscription, you have access to unlimited online help and email support. 

For more extensive help with implementing WorkflowMax in your business and customizing it to your needs, you can also contact one of our IT setup Partners. These guys are professionally trained software experts who will be happy to help you get started with WorkflowMax.

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