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New Pricing Plans

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Frequently asked questions

The cost to add Lead Manager to your subscription is not changing.
If WorkflowMax has provided a current discount or promo code, it will continue to be applied to the new pricing until the discount expires.
If you believe that one of the higher plans will work better, you can upgrade to it by logging into WorkflowMax and going to the manage subscriptions tab. If you’d like to switch to a lower plan, please contact the WorkflowMax billing team. We suggest that you check and remove any inactive users so you’re not subscribing to a higher plan than you need to.
Yes, not-for-profits will continue to be eligible for the 25% discount on new pricing plans.
No, we don’t pro rata. We will begin invoicing you based on the new pricing on your next normal invoicing date.
No, our prices are exclusive of any sales taxes. Your Invoice will show any sales tax that has been included.