Xero Limited thanks you for your interest in being a participant in our study into the use of our educational materials during the WorkflowMax software free trial period.

Specifically, we will use the study data to analyse/assess how well the WorkflowMax educational materials met your information needs during the free trial.

How the data will be collected

The data will be collected during a one-to-one online interview using GoToMeeting. The interview is scheduled at a time that suits the participant and will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Privacy Statement

This section covers details of how we will use the information you provide and how your privacy will be maintained.

1. Providing information during the study

You can choose not to respond to any questions that you would rather not answer.

2. Confidentiality

During and after the study, all responses, transcripts and recordings are confidential, and will be used for research purposes only. All materials from the study will be stored securely at all times. No identifying information from participants on this study will be published or distributed. All information you provide during the study will be made anonymous before it is analysed.

3.  Withdrawing from this study

You may withdraw yourself or any information that you have provided for this study at any time prior to completion of data collection from all study participants, without being disadvantaged in any way. If you withdraw, all information you have provided, including recordings and transcripts, or parts thereof, will be destroyed.

If you withdraw from this study after data collection is completed, the information you have provided will be used for analysis purposes. The Confidentiality clause above is still applicable.

Further information

For more information about the study you can contact the study organiser, Steve Moss at wfm.education@xero.com.