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Change isn’t always easy and people often resent it. But change is one of the only constants in life – and right now, the world of business is changing more than ever.
So when it comes to changing your business, you have a choice: lead it and embrace it, or ignore it and get swept up anyway.

This ebook is for forward-thinking businesses that understand the need for change but don’t necessarily know the first steps to take.

Even for people who are comfortable with change, altering habits can be hard.

Inside you will learn:

  • 1. How to critique your current processes and scope out exactly what you need to future proof your business

  • 2. The right questions to ask before choosing a software vendor

  • 3. Techniques to develop a plan for change

  • 4. How to build software champions in your business

  • 5. Tips and tricks to get buy-in from the whole team

  • 6. How an external partner can help to maximise your software experience

  • 7. Steps to get prepared for the GO LIVE date

  • 8. The importance of having a contingency plan

  • 9. Key ways to reflect and iterate the change process

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