WorkflowMax Partner Success Summit

Welcome to our Partner Success Summit, a six part series specific for Accountants and Bookkeepers featuring a diverse group of our most experienced cloud integrators. Sign up now to take your knowledge of WorkflowMax to the next level!

  • Advanced knowledge of WorkflowMax
  • Live access to real experts
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Our Expert Speakers

Over the course of six weeks we will bring you six experts with a unique area of expertise, who will each present a specific topic designed to help you achieve an advanced understanding of WorkflowMax. Find out more about each session below. Maximise the benefit by attending all six sessions!

Will McTavish

Session 01: Business Analysis

Wednesday 6 April, 11:00

Learn how to analyse your client’s industry, assess their business model and determine what their business is trying to achieve. Conduct due diligence to understand whether WorkflowMax is right for them and explain the conversion process.


Nicole Elvy

Session 02: Setup & Customisation

Wednesday 13 April, 11:00

Understand how to plan and organising the setup process correctly – including key settings to be aware of – how to link to Xero and add staff, tasks, and costs. Learn about client types, clients, suppliers and maximising job templates, how to track custom fields and import or export data.


David Jackson

Session 03: Personalisation & Integration

Wednesday 20 April, 11:00

Get an overview of the productivity gains possible with customisation and integration between Microsoft Office and WorkflowMax. Includes a discussion of the collaboration manager and MS Outlook, the Office 365 add-in for WorkflowMax, how to create stunning templates with MS Word, a demonstration of the lead manager and reporting WorkflowMax data in Excel or Power BI.


Heidi Seal

Session 04: Project Management

Wednesday 27 April, 11:00

Solidify your understanding of end-to-end internal project management, timer and time entry process, notes and document storage for better collaboration, a look at the folder function state changes, setting up milestones, notifications, scheduling functionality and staff allocation.


Nick Sanderson

Session 05: Advanced Job Functionality

Wednesday 4 May, 11:00

Understand how to manage variations and retentions, set up invoicing and purchase orders (WorkflowMax and Xero), maximise templates (quotes, invoices and purchase orders) and use them for percentage of phase invoicing. Learn how to take a staged approach to your jobs and customise the job brief for your business.


Glennis Stuckey

Session 06: Reporting & Insights

Wednesday 11 May, 11:00

An insight into timesheets and payroll, integrating with Xero, on the job reporting, the report builder – how to create custom reports and visualize data. Learn about reporting, customising and maintenance for work in progress, multicurrency in Xero and analysing WorkflowMax data with your client.