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How to move from hourly billing to value-based pricing in your agency

Jason Blumer, Gavin George

If you’re an agency, you know how vital it is to ensure you demonstrate your value to the client. How you price your services is one of the most vital decisions your firm can make - get it right, and you’re the hottest agency in town. Get it wrong, and you’ll be in the poorhouse.

Join Jason Blumer of Businessology – a CPA specializing in creative agencies – as he talks you through the different pricing strategies an agency can adopt, and shows you why a value pricing strategy works better for your clients, better for your business, and better for your bottom line.

In this 90 minute recorded webinar you'll learn:

  • What the three different pricing strategies are, and which one is right for your agency.

  • Firm-focused vs customer-focused strategies.

  • How pricing is at the core of your business model.

  • The 3 sacrifices you must make for a better business model.

  • How to simplify your business model with technology.

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