Create a Final Invoice for Actual Time and Costs

Posted by Genny Stevens on Dec 1, 2014 11:00:00 AM

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Important: Recent changes to the WorkflowMax user interface in relation to invoicing have resulted in minor inconsistencies between some content in this video and the WorkflowMax interface. This issue will be resolved as soon as possible. For details, please look at the WorkflowMax blog post on these changes.

Your job is now complete and it’s time to create the final invoice based on actual time and costs.

The third and final video in how to invoice based on actual time and costs. The final invoice is the absolute final invoice you will generate for a job. This video shows you how to do this and the outcomes for any time and costs remaining and not invoiced.

For further details, go to the Creating a final invoice for actual time and costs topic in the WorkflowMax help centre.

Topics: Invoicing and Financial

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