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Posted by Chirag Ahuja on Dec 1, 2014 8:00:00 AM

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It’s fairly easy to get started with WorkflowMax - provided you've set everything up properly. This video looks in detail at the financial settings that enable you to send invoices, run reports, and track your labour costs

The organisation settings area is key to making sure you are set up to completely maximise the power of WorkflowMax. It's where you determine whether you will be invoicing based on task or staff billable, and how the time on your jobs is allocated.

Having correct labour costs set up enables reporting on your profitability. This video shows you how to make sure you do this right - from the start.

For further details, go to the Setting up your system topic in the WorkflowMax help centre or take the 'Set up your WorkflowMax account' course to fully understand the entire process.

Topics: Time and staff

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