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ROI in only two months
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Buildology was founded in 2011 in Auckland as a forward thinking architectural design firm. Self-taught Architectural Designer & Buildology owner Alan McIntosh grew from a one-man band to a company of 4 staff within couple of months. With this growth came challenges of managing an architectural design practice; tracking time, handling staff productivity, communication with the council, builders, clients and so much more. After 3 months of intensive research on various software, they chose WorkflowMax to manage their entire business in the cloud.

4 challenges Buildology faced before implementing WorkflowMax



It's a huge problem to and track communication between stakeholders (council, builder, client, designer) as it's all spread out in various emails.

Financial health

Knowing how the business is doing in real-time based on real numbers - not on intuition, and not just at the end of the month.

Time tracking

Getting staff to track their time so that they could understand net profitability on each job, staff productivity, and where they can improve.

Business intelligence

Knowinfg who their best and worst clients were, how much profit they make per job, whether they need to revise prices, and other business insights.

How Buildology saves 15 hours per month in admin time

WorkflowMax's all-in-one communication tool , Collaboration Manager, was a game changer for Buildology. "We particularly enjoy the email functionality that connects emails to a specific job. Instead of searching a job, we can see exactly what email communication we've had with the client. WorktlowMax monitors email, identifies codes and knows where to put it. As an architectural designer and office manager this functionality is amazing", says office manager Rome May.

WorkflowMax saves me at least 15 hours per month. By having everything in one place - leads, quotes, time sheeting, emails, documents, invoices - I can manage the client, designer, builder & council very easily.
Rome May
Rome May

How Buildology tracked their time & costs to get a ROI of 1150%

It's priceless to know what's going on in the business at any point of time, and who our best and worst clients are, based on real data at a click of a button.
Allan McIntosh
Allan McIntosh
Architectural Design & Director, Buildology

As WorkflowMax is an end-to-end job management software, Allan and his staff are able to create leads, quotes, track time, manage jobs, e-mail communication, and seamtessty push your invoices into your accounting software.

Since WorkflowMax has all the operational data, its reporting functionality gives Buildology the businets intelligence they need to improve/grow their business based on real data, not intuition. Allan says, "The reporting function has given us incredible insights that lead to change in some of our pricing. As an example, we were charging Moo for minor resource consent applications but after we started using WorkflowMax ft became clear pretty quickly that base on the time spent we should have been charging at least $1800 - $ 2500 per job. Its priceless to know if you're under or over charging and optimize your prices accordingly."

"Using WorkFlowMax to monitor ctient hours, we're going to be abte to see accurately which customers are taking up our time. For exampte, 05 525 monitor time versus quoted cost to see if we continue with a contractor or keep him on. It also allows us to realty see who are our A customers, and who are our D customers. This is worth to much to us as it helps to put our business-making decisions into perspective", notes Allan.

Three things Buildology loves about WorkflowMax...


Collaboration manager

The ability to connect each email with a particular job is a game changer. It shows us exactly which emails we've sent and received from clients, councils, builders & designers, saving 8-16 hours per week on admin.

All-in-one integrated solution

It looks professional, is easy to use and our staff enjoy using it. Having everything - leads, quotes, jobs, time tracking, invoices - in one place means we just need to use one system for everything.

Business intelligence & the cloud

Since it's all cloud-based software, there is nothing to install, no servers to implement - all I need is a laptop/phone/ipad and an internet connection to know whats going on in the business - anytime, anywhere.

What would you say to other Architecture practices that considering using WorkflowMax?

Rome says, "In the Building industry, there is a lot of project management for each job - managing designers, clients, council and builders.

Within our industry the value lies in effective project management of the job. The designers, the client, the builder are all wanting information and in WorkflowMax everything is born into one place, so when the client calls we are fully prepared!"

The Building industry is a crazy busy, and because WorkflowMax is fast and snappy - I'm able to track my time easily. It works for us perfectly.
Alexandra Peterson
Alexandra Peterson

Say goodbye to tracking time on Excel & creating estimates on Word. Join over 4000 businesses and say hello to WorkflowMax.